What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm McKay Coffey

I'm a student, a son, a brother, a friend and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently a student going to college and studying microbiology. It's tough, but I'm making it work. I work on campus in the MBA Business Career Center. I dedicate a lot of my time to my studies and work, but I do have a few hobbies which I enjoy including the violin and piano. I love writing my own music. For how musical I am, I also love the outdoors and sports. I love going on hikes in the mountains, swimming in lakes and rivers, camping and playing all kinds of sports from Ultimate Frisbee to Football. All in all, I'm a pretty normal kid.

Why I am a Mormon

You know, I had a friend once tell me that the only reason I'm a Mormon is because my parents made me and that all I am is just a robot. That hurt me a lot more than you might know. You see, I love my parents and respect them a lot! Yes, they raised me in the church and I've gone to church every Sunday of my life in which I wasn't sick. Yes, they taught me about Mormonism and have encouraged me to stay faithful, but when it comes down to it, this is me. This is my choice. I have studied it out for my self and have come to know, independent of my parents' beliefs, that this is the life for me. Sure, their influence has helped me in making my decision, but I've had my doubts. I've had my opportunity to falter and to wander. I'm my own person and can take responsibility for my own beliefs. I don't agree with my parents on 100% of everything, but I do know that they love me and want what's best for me. I finished the Book of Mormon for the first time when I was 14 at the invitation of my parents. When I finished, I went to my mom to show her that I had finished reading it. I was excited because reading a large book in old English like that is a hard thing for a 14 year old today. My mom just told me that I had not finished. I was confused. There was no more to the book. I had read it from cover to cover. She explained that after I finished reading that I needed to go to a quiet place alone and pray Heavenly Father to know for myself if the Book of Mormon is true. I was very confused. Of course I know it's true I've grown up in the church my whole life and it's what we believe. You see, to me at that time Mormonism was little more than a family tradition and culture. So, I felt a little silly, but I knelt down that night to pray and told God, "I know this sounds ridiculous, but is the..." and before I could really formulate the words in my mind, a cool rush of comfort washed over me. I know the Book of Mormon is true because I have felt the Spirit bare witness of it.

How I live my faith

For the past year and a half, I have served as a teacher in my Sunday School. Preparing a lesson for 30-50 of my peers can be a daunting task, but I enjoy it very much. About a year ago, I was asked to fill the roll of Sunday School President. I love helping other teachers now to feel more comfortable in their abilities in teaching their peers. I enjoy relating the Spiritual message of the lesson to our daily lives as college students and as friends. It's surprising how much participation I get from the most unsuspecting student. I attribute it to the great relevance of the topics which we discuss and the spirit that we feel there. Being a Sunday School teacher and presidents has, ironically enough, helped me to learn and to grow as well. I guess that why I was called to serve in this position at this time.

What is a ward/stake/branch?

McKay Coffey
Easy enough. Any church has a congregation with a leader over that congregation. A bigger church will be made up of a few congregations. So it is with our church. A local congregation is called a ward. Smaller congregations are called branches. A collection of wards and/or branches in a general area or region will be called a Stake. It's called a stake in reference to Isaiah 54:2 using the symbolism of tent stakes which hold up the tent. So it is with stakes which hold up and support the church. Show more Show less