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Hi I'm Kurtis

I'm a newly-wed, a father, a college student, and a Mormon.

About Me

I love to do many things; I read books, hike trails, sing songs (not so well), play the piano (fairly well), and listen to good music. I like to doodle, play board- and card games, and take pictures. I consider myself blessed with the job I have and the schooling that is available to me. I've always been fascinated with how things work and why things happen. This has extended into my studies and has evolved into a great interest in science. The natural, physical world never ceases to amaze me, from the order and function of the smallest atom to the equal orderly movement of planets and stars.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents have always had a positive influence on me. I am forever grateful for what they taught me about Jesus and his commandments. My own personal testimony--my firm knowledge and faith--has been and continues to draw strength from their example. They have shown examples of Christ-like characteristics. My testimony has gained greater strength as I read and study the Book of Mormon, as I pray, and so long as I stay faithful to what my Father in Heaven has taught me. To me, being a Mormon, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is to be more like Jesus.

How I live my faith

One of the greatest opportunities I've had to express my love and faith to my Heavenly Father is by offering two years to serve the blessed people of Chile. There I had the chance to share with many about Jesus Christ and about His restored church. Since my time there, I continue helping as best I can in my local ward--a small congregation made up of 100-200 people within the same area. Here I participate in Sunday School where we learn and share with each other about the Gospel of Christ by studying the holy scriptures--such as the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Book of Mormon--and applying the principles we learn to our lives. I also get the chance to play fun piano songs for the children's class. Recently I was married to my greatest friend and source of eternal joy, my dear wife Erika. Now that I've started this new chapter in my life, I look forward to applying the same principles I've learn from parents, the same ones I taught on my mission, to building up my own family and being an example to my children. Our little newborn, Lucy, has brought a wonderful light into our home. As I observe our child, it's hard to not think that each little child came from a place far more pure and clean than this world often is. We truly do come from a Father and Mother in Heaven.

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

We, everyone of us, are each a child of God. He loves and and desires to help us through the trials of life. Life is hard and He knows that. The Bible is outstanding witness of His love, but it is not all that our Father in Heaven has to say. Sometimes we don't listen, but that doesn't mean He isn't speaking. The Gospel of Christ--this plan of salvation through faith and repentance--has been taught to all of God's children, those who will listen, since Adam. Through prophets such as Adam, Noah, and Moses, God instructed the people in righteousness. Jesus came and established his church and reaffirmed the gospel because many had become lost and confused; they were not keeping the commandments that had been given. Jesus called apostles, who are prophets, to continue to teach the gospel of baptism and repentance once Jesus returned to heaven. Sadly, the apostles, like many other prophets of ancient time and even Jesus himself, were rejected and even killed by people who didn't want to listen. For a time there was no truly ordained prophet to continue to teach the gospel. But God loves his children and again he called a prophet and reestablished, or RESTORED, His church starting with the prophet Joseph Smith. This was done so that we could continue to have inspired, prophetic revelation for our day. Without this we would be lost and without hope. God still speaks today to a living prophet. Show more Show less