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Hi I'm Dr. Chris Jesperson

I'm a chiropractor, married to my best friend, dedicated to my family and  happy to tell everyone that I'm a Mormon.

About Me

If my life were defined by the activity that occupies the majority of my time during the day, I should introduce myself first as a doctor of chiropractic. I prefer, however, to be thought of first and foremost as a husband, a father of six, and "Papa" to fifteen grandchildren.  My purpose in life revolves around family, where I find my greatest happiness and joy.  Home is my sanctuary and the place I most prefer to be on earth.  One of my greatest passions in life is exercise and nutrition.  I'm trying to practice what I preach with my patients and to be the healthy example that they can emulate in their own lives.  Another area of interest, and where I have some expertise is music - mostly vocal music, singing both as a soloist and in choral groups. Through the years the majority of my performances have been in church where I have found music to be the universal language of the soul and where I can express my feelings for God in a way that words alone can never express.  I have a great affinity for the Hispanic culture; I speak fluent Spanish, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve Latinos both professionally and in ecclesiastical capacities throughout the years.  At the age of nineteen I had the most influential two-year experience of my life, while representing the Church as an ordained minister, and serving a mission in the South American country of Chile, which I now think of as my second home.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm fortunate to have been born to loving parents that welcomed me into this life with open arms. My first lessons were of my Heavenly Father and of His plan for me on earth.  Church was not just a once a week affair in our home, but rather a lifestyle that was practiced on a daily basis.  I was taught that Jesus Christ was the Savior and Redeemer of the world.  Being a multi-generational Mormon family,  it was natural for us to speak about the "Restoration" of the gospel through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  We read the Book of Mormon along with the Bible and we felt secure in the knowledge that God led His people today, as He had done anciently, through a living prophet. Yet, in spite of all my parents religious training, the one thing they could not transfer to me was their personal conviction that it was true; that would be a spiritual gift that I had to obtain for myself.  That much sought after gift came to me in an unanticipated moment at the age of sixteen in the choir room of my high school as I was challenged to defend my beliefs as a Mormon to a fellow classmate. I remember being asked if I was ever afraid that at the end of the world God would say to me, disapprovingly, that I had been a part of a false religion and that I would not be welcome in Heaven.  In an instant, like a sudden shock that penetrated me to my very soul, there came into my teenaged heart an overwhelming rush of pure knowledge and surety that everything that my parents had taught me and everything I had learned in church about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel was true!  And, that if I continued to be faithful to what I had been taught, I would be accepted into my heavenly home with the same love and approval that I had been welcomed into my earthy home.  So, in the final analysis, I guess you could say that in spite of my upbringing, I'm a Mormon because the Spirit of God revealed to me, in a very personal way, that it is true.

How I live my faith

I live my faith today much in the same manner as I did in the home of my childhood, attending church services on Sundays, and by striving to apply the truths and principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ I've learned in my marriage, family, business, and community relations during the rest of the week. I find the injunctions of Jesus to always be forgiving and to repent daily to be the most challenging. In my daily prayers I ask for opportunities to be of service to those that the Lord places in my path each day. As part of my church service I have the opportunity to visit three single mothers, two single men and an aging widow each month to check on their physical and spiritual well being.  It is a great feeling to be able to pass on to others some of the kindnesses the Lord has show me in my life.  I look for ways to give outward expression to the inward joy I feel from the personal relationship I have with God.  And just as I endeavor to lead my patients to higher levels of health and well being by my professional advice and personal example, I look for ways to share the reason for the happiness and purpose in life that I feel comes from being a Mormon and, by living the teachings of Jesus Christ with everyone I meet so that they too can enjoy a higher level of spiritual health, satisfaction and well being.