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Hi I'm Jeanie

I 'm a vocalist, a recording artist, a scuba diver, a world traveler, an NAI certified naturalist. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a wife, a Mom, and recently a grandmother! Most important, hardest job I have ever done is raising a family. I have two children. My son and daughter are both married. My son has graduated from college and works with his father in real estate development. My daughter graduated in May 2012 to teach high school English. I was married at the Salt Lake City temple in 1982; an amazing thing. I love my husband so much. He's a great, humble man but don't kid yourself, he's totally normal! I went to college part time, while my kids were younger, and earned an Associate of Arts degree; took me 18 yrs. but I did it! I am a vocalist. I have sung professionally since I was 14. I currently sing with an audition only, volunteer choral group, the Colorado Mormon Chorale. I have been with them since 1989. I produced two solo CD's and have been a guest on a few others. I'm also a volunteer naturalist at a local state park; teaching children and adults about nature. It's a rewarding job I love. I am dubbed the 'snake lady' because I have no qualms about catching the local bull snakes to show the kids. I was an avid runner, for over 22 years. I still do one race each year that is way fun! I love to scuba dive and that leads me to travel. My father was in the Air Force. I caught the bug of foreign travel growing up. I am a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon). I joined in 1978 when I finally found people who loved the Lord as much as me!

Why I am a Mormon

A good question. The most simple answer is because the lifestyle of a Mormon is clean and everyday; not just on Sundays. Yes, that is the best way to describe it. I love living a healthy, clean life. I lived this way before I joined the church but without really understanding the spiritual benefits I gain from it. I come from a family with an alcoholic father. Both my parents smoke, as do some of my siblings. I, on the other hand, watched and learned. Sadly, I see them now, in their elderly years, with many health problems related to those choices. Their addictions have trapped them and will eventually kill them. It is sad to see my mother as now she has COPD. As for me, I am free. No smoking addition, no liquor addiction, no coffee addiction, no 'addiction' of any kind. This makes me a free person. I am free to "not" drink, free to "not" smoke, free of drugs and all the illnesses associated with these life choices! This is the most precious feeling to me. An added benefit is when I do go to the doctor, they are always amazed at my great health status. It's also nice that people consistently think I am 10 years younger than I actually am! Mormons are counseled to live chaste. Our union as husband and wife is revered, and respected with full fidelity but as a single person, we abstain. I love this because I saw, at a young age, how infidelity ruins trust between two people. Once trust is gone, it is hard to earn back. Lives are forever changed. As you can tell, as a member of the Mormon faith, you develop a lot of self mastery. Certainly not a bad thing. My love of the Savior and his teachings brought me to this faith and this faith makes me free.

How I live my faith

I am very active in my church. There is always a job or calling that needs doing. I just finished a 4 year service of teaching music to the children in our church. They were as young as 18 months in our Nursery class up to 11 years old and all inbetween. It was exhausting and tons of fun! I have served our church in many other capacities before. Lots have involved my music and drama skills but I love to teach about the Savior and the church too. My preference is always working in the Primary which is the Sunday school for our children. I have many volunteer hours I donate to my community. I do this through using my vocal skills at funerals, weddings and other local events. You may have seen me on TV as I sang at the National Anthem with the Colorado Mormon Chorale at Colorado Rockies baseball games. I also teach at a local state park and went through NAI (National Association for Interpretive Guides) training for my nature guiding. I create programs for our park as well as do craft booths for children at many of our events. I come up with a good craft idea that many ages can do matching the theme of the day, such as, hiking sticks for the Annual State Park Day, when all state parks are free for the day. Boy, were they a hit this year. I actually ran out of sticks, with half hour left, and I prepared 43 sticks! Crazy! I live my faith by serving others and by obeying God's commandments. I find my life is so much happier and oddly free because of my lifestyle. Am I without callenges? No way. Mortality effects us all. I recently went through a surgery to fuse 3 vertebraes in my neck. That was a real trial of my faith. I felt God could come and heal me if He wanted to. Yes, seems odd but I truly know He can. However, I have learned that He doesn't do that very often. He knows we must suffer sometimes, to understand our Savior better and ourselves. So, that meant I needed to go through the experience. It was a hard experience but I am stronger and better and humbled.

Why do Mormons baptize their new members?

Our belief is that the true authority of Christ's church was taken from the earth with the deaths of the original twelve disciples. Jesus, under the direction of Heavenly Father, had bestowed God's priesthood power upon them, by a physical laying on, of His hands, on their heads; transferring His authority to them. When they died that authority died with them. So, any baptism done without that authortiy, isn't recognized by God. Hence, when you come into the church you must be baptized by one with that authority. Joseph Smith was the chosen man to have that authority restored to the earth by God.. He received it through proper authority and has passed it down to today's time where many missionaries and members have the priesthood to baptize. We baptize as Christ was baptized by John the Baptist with total immersion. Show more Show less

What is the Church’s position on abortion?

Abortion is the taking of life. Innocent life; but there are situations where, for the health of the mother, or the fetus, abortion can be neccesary and no woman need feel badly if she chooses to do this. In the case of rape or incest, it is a mother's decision if she will keep the baby or not. No church leader would counsel her to keep a child conceived through that kind of union. It is her decision. In the case of wanting to abort for birth control, convience, unwanted pregnancy, etc. These are not looked upon as reasons to abort a healthy child. We believe adoption to be a better choice. I adopted a baby girl through the church social services and she is cherished in our family. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

We believe we lived before we came here, with God, with Jesus Christ. We believe when we die, we will separate spirit from body and go to the spirit world that is spoken of in revelations. There we will be busy...not floating around, but teaching and helping others who never heard the gospel message before in their mortality. We believe that they will have opportunity to accept, or reject this plan of the gospel. No one who has ever lived, or will live, will be denied this opportunity, with full understanding of all consequences. That is a merciful God. His goal is to make sure we all return to that home with him, from where we came, if indeed, we want to, and we must want to, because it requires us doing our part. When Christ comes again to this earth, we will be ready. He will not come till all have had this opportunity, in this life, or the spirit world. When He comes, all will be resurrected. All. Then we will be separated through a judgement process. Christ is our mediator, between us and our Father. This is the reason he came and suffered and atoned for us all, he will be our advocate and all will be merciful and just because of Him. Our goal was, and is, to become like our Father in Heaven. A glorified being, as he is. Changed, refined, in His image. That is one reason we are here. The other, is for knowledge, wisdom, growth and to gain eternal life, the kind of life God lives, a type of life. Show more Show less