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Hi I'm Steve

I'm from Centerville, Utah. I am an artist and I'm grateful to be a Mormon.

About Me

I currently teach art part-time at the university level and thoroughly enjoy my job. Specifically, I teach printmaking, drawing, and painting on occasion. I studied art all throughout my years in middle and high school, and continued that study in my university education. I received my Masters of Fine Arts degree in 2007 from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I am passionate about Central America and have a great love for the people from that part of the world. I speak Spanish fluently and taught basic Spanish lessons for a few years while I was working toward my BFA. I've traveled to México, El Salvador and Guatemala, and would love to travel to other parts of Central and South America. I've also traveled to Barcelona, Spain; Venice, Florence, and Rome, Italy; Interlaken and Lucern, Switzerland; a few places in southern Germany; Paris, France; and London, England. I love learning about other cultures and experiencing different parts of the world. I come from a fairly large family, and we are currently pretty spread out. I am the second eldest of 6 children. My siblings live in Seattle, Washington; San Bernadino, California; Dallas, Texas; and there are two here in the Utah area along with myself. I enjoy hiking, dancing, artistic endeavors, and traveling.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I feel a great deal of peace as I attend my church meetings, live by the principles and commandments I am taught and attend the temple. I feel Heavenly Father's guiding hand in my life and find great wisdom and protection in the counsel of living prophets. When I do not do what I am taught I do not feel this same peace. I am a Mormon because it brings me happiness, hope, and peace of mind.

How I live my faith

Currently I have been asked to be a teacher in my congregation. In addition to a general meeting that we have each Sunday sacrament meeting we also meet for classes in which we study specific parts of the scriptures together. My assignment is to share lessons that I have prepared about the part of the scriptures that we are studying and to facilitate the class discussions that we have. It is a good opportunity for me to learn more about the scriptures and I enjoy it a great deal. I try to live my faith by the basic day to day things that I do: reading in the scriptures, saying kneeling prayers each day, trying to be aware of others and serving them when opportunities present themselves. It is important to me that my Heavenly Father be pleased with the way I am conducting my life. I try to live in such a way as to feel His approval of my actions.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

I don't really know all of the reasons why women do not hold the priesthood. I do know, however, that men do not hold the priesthood because they asked to, rather God gave it to them as a responsibility and commandment. Really, the priesthood is an assignment, accompanied by authority, to serve others. One cannot use the priesthood to serve himself it can only be used to assist others. For instance one cannot baptize himself or assign himself to a calling or duty. He can only baptize others and bless others. We are taught to accept the assignments which are given to us, whether we initially want to have them or not. No one chooses his/her assignments for himself. This means that even a particularly shy person may be assigned to serve as a leader of a congregation which may be a difficult assignment for him. Most leaders would probably tell you that, even though they are willing to serve, they are somewhat surprised that they were asked to do so and often feel inadequate. They did not necessarily expect it. They are not paid, nor are they reimbursed for the many hours of time that they spend fulfilling their assignments. The responsibilities they have are quite demanding. Women hold callings and assignments in the church just as men do, however, they do not hold the priesthood specifically. They to, do not choose their assignments. which makes their role in the leadership of the church not so different from that of men. Show more Show less

Why are only some Mormons allowed into temples? Is there something secret going on in Mormon Temples? What goes on in Mormon Temples?

In order to understand why only certain members are able to enter temples, it is essential to understand the purpose for which temples exist. Temples are not places a person goes to be entertained, nor can a person enter just because he/she is curious. Temples are very sacred places in which prepared members are able to make specific eternal promises and commitments to God and their families. There are special blessings associated with making those promises and commitments. After making these promises and commitments themselves, members can return to the temple in order to do service work to help others. It is God's desire that all of His children enjoy the promised blessings available in the temple. However, the needed preparation in order to enjoy those blessings is an individual responsibility that each person has. It involves living by certain standards of conduct and worthiness. The preparation could be compared to the discipline and training required of a person that is preparing for a high altitude, rigorous hike at the end of which there is a breath-taking view. There is often a certain level of physical fitness required of any person desirous to undertake such a hike. If preparation has been inadequate the hike might be quite literally impossible. Similarly, in order to benefit from that which takes place in temples (experience the breath-taking view) a person must be prepared. God invites all to prepare themselves and enter when ready. Show more Show less