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Hi I'm Shannon

I was born & raised in Texas. I participated in over 5 religions before being baptized and now I am finally a Mormon.

About Me

I am a 22 year old mother and just wrapped up my 1st year of marriage. I go to school full time and work part time. I will be graduating in my little community college soon just to start all over again so hopefully I can become a chiropractor someday. I have been in karate for over 15 years and won national champion when I was 16. All though working and going to school keep me busy my family means everything to me and I wouldn't be where I am without them.  

Why I am a Mormon

In my early pre-teens I was jumping from one church to another. My family divorced when I was only one, my dad was LDS and my mom was born Catholic but at the time was doing her own soul searching. I was born catholic, going to a Baptist school, and every other Sunday participating in a Mormon service, needless to say, I was very diverse in religion. My mother was looking for a church to go too that she liked and agreed with so every few months or so we were at a new church, we participated in many different services. We went to a Baptist, Non-Denominational, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and a few others that I don’t even remember the names too. At the time, many of them seemed the same to me, I was too young to know the details about each church and what exactly they believed in, but one thing I did notice, is they did not FEEL the same to me. The comfort and peace that I felt at the LDS church was not with me when I was at the other churches. All though most children in the LDS church get baptized when they are 8, I decided not too until I was 14 years old because I wanted to make sure that if I got baptized I was doing it for myself and not because anyone "told" me too. Since I was going to other churches and attending a private school I unfortunately had the opportunity to meet many anti-Mormon’s which caused me to have a shaky foundation on the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, but one thing I still could not deny was the peaceful feeling that over came me every time I was at the church. Finally the time came, the Lord had revealed to me that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was the one true church in every way, shape, and form. So I was baptized and even though I did not understand every little detail about the church, I didn't need too, the confirmation that I received from my Heavenly Father was enough. At the age of 14 I made the most important decision of my life, I found truth, peace, and understanding through the church and I have never been so happy. Now that I am older I am truly grateful for the journey that I had to travel through to become a member of this church, it was because of the people that were constantly investigating my religion and questioning my beliefs that made me really pray and ponder upon those things and try to descern for myself what I believed to be true or not. It's amazing how quickly all those doubts and worries will leave your mind when you seek Heavenly Father in earnest prayer, He will always hear you and guide you to where you need to go. I have such a strong testimony in this church, it is because of the good and the bad times that I have experienced in my life that have made me who I am and have given me a firm foundation in the gospel. I am so grateful for all the blessings the Lord has mercifully poured upon me and my family and for all the peace I have gained in my life from Him.

How I live my faith

I am now a full time and active member of the church. I am the second councilor in the Young Womens program, this is a youth group for girls between the ages of 12 and 18. My husband and I hold Family Home Evening at our house for investigators and the missionaries every Monday night. We give rides, help clean the building, visit teach, home teach, and whatever else the Lord needs us to do in His church.