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Hi I'm Sarah Roylance

I am a wife, a makeup artist, a hairstylist, a designer at heart and i'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am 23 years old! I recently was married to my best friend in the Saint George LDS temple on December 27,2011. Marriage has been such a huge blessing in my life as life brings so many twists and turns, ups and downs. It is so wonderful having my best friend and eternal companion by my side through it all! I love knowing that this blessing of marriage is eternal, that by being sealed in the temple, my sweet husband and I will be a forever family and that nothing can separate us. I work as a hairstylist and makeup artist! I love working with brides and all different kinds of people. I am someone who loves people and understands that each one of us has great things to achieve here on the earth and I want to help make that difference in peoples lives so that they can find there purpose! I love to laugh, smile, and go on new adventures. I love photography! I find it fascinating how you can capture a moment in time through a photograph. I love to bake and create new things! I have a passion for all types of design but mostly interior! Most of all I am a girl who loves her family, loves the gospel, and loves life!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 23 years ago, however just because I was born a member of the church doesn't mean that I did not go through my own times of growth to come to know for myself that the principles being taught were correct and that this is where God would have me be and how he would have me use this time on earth. I am a mormon because I have come to know through prayer, obedience, living the gospel and keeping the commandments, that God has given his children, that this is what God would have me do and that his gospel has been restored to the earth for us as his children at this time. That the gospel of Jesus Christ is here in its fullness. That the truths have been given to us and are continued to be revealed to us through our prophet Thomas S. Monson who has been called by God to serve, to lead and guide us, just as God has always called prophets through out the time of the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I am a mormon because I have come to know for myself that Christ lives and I have come to understand and use his perfect and infinite atonement. He is the one and only way back to our Father in Heaven. There is hope in his atonement and in him. Because I am a mormon I feel peace in the storms of life, I find joy in living each day, I understand my purpose as a daughter of God and I have hope for a brighter tomorrow and a knowledge that one day I will be with my family, my Father in Heaven and my Savior for the eternities. My life is greater because I spend it focusing on the things that matter most and keep an eternal perspective!

How I live my faith

I live my life each day working on becoming like my Savior. As the Savior taught through example and the miracles he performed, he was and is an outreaching God. He never thought of himself but always was thinking of others. He lives and he is always here for us. I try to live like him by reaching out, serving, taking time to lift others, and help them find the joy that God would have us feel while we are on this earth! I live to open my heart that feels so deeply and bring compassion and love to the world!

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Sarah Roylance
In my personal life I have come to know my Father in Heaven by praying to him daily. I love to talk with him and I know he listens! Each time I pray I feel a peace in my heart and mind. This is reassurance to me that he loves me and understands what I have been talking to him about. Obedience is another way I have strengthened my relationship with him. He has taught us through our Savior and through living prophets and apostles, what we need to do to feel close to him. That is to keep his commandments and to become like our Savior. I know that as we are obedient to his commandments that we will be blessed and that we will find pure joy in knowing he is proud of us and that he is pleased with the decisions we are making. I also feel that as we take time each day to thank him for what he has given us and show true gratitude for the many blessings large or small he gives us each and every day that we will feel his pure love for us as his children and he will want to pour more blessings down upon us! Show more Show less

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

Sarah Roylance
Reading the scriptures opens our hearts, spirits, and minds to be filled with blessings. I have made it a goal of mine to read daily for many many years now, and as I do so, I feel so blessed! I have learned what God would have me become in many different stages of life. I have seen his hand in my life as I read a scripture that gives me comfort through hardship or that brings me joy when it reassures a decision I am making. The scriptures teach me God's plan and why it is important to follow him and to turn to the Savior's example he has left for us, so that we can one day return to be with him again. I love the scriptures and I know that they bless us because I have felt it daily in so many ways as the Lord has been by my side helping me understand them. The scriptures truly allow the Holy Ghost to be our constant companion because when we read them we are showing our Father in Heaven that we want to learn and that we want to follow him. Show more Show less