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Hi I'm Brandon

I'm a pilot, a student, a lover of nature, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in Utah, have grown up in Utah, still live in Utah... I am the oldest of nine children which is quite a responsibility if you ask me. Being an oldest child has really helped me make better choices in my life because I know that every minute of every day I have younger siblings looking up at me and watching my every move. My family loves to sing together. My mother and father are both very musically inclined and passed that on to all of their children. We love getting together in the evening to sing. We don't just stay in our living room though, we enjoy going out into the community and singing at rest homes, hospitals and family events. Music builds a bridge, and can tear down walls in relationships, this is why we sing!!! I am currently a Certified Flight Instructor and love flying around and looking at all that Heavenly Father has created. Most of all, I love sharing this with others around me so they can see it too! I served a mission for the LDS church in Uganda (East Africa). The gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives and It was a wonderful experience to be part of it. The things I saw and learned will shape my life forever. I love learning, gaining both secular and also spiritual knowledge. Every day I learn something new that makes me a better person and I LOVE IT!!! One of my most favorite things to do is go hiking in the mountains and breathe in the clear air and take in the view of the incredible landscapes below. I LOVE LIFE!!! IT IS WONDERFUL!!!

Why I am a Mormon

I first "became" a Mormon when I was born. Both my parents are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints so I was born a Mormon. Since birth I have had the opportunity to learn about the gospel through Sunday school and teachings in the home. I have learned for myself that I and everyone else on this earth has a loving Heavenly Father who cares about us and our happiness. He wants us to come back to live with him again and THIS is the reason I am Mormon. I believe that the complete truth including doctrine and the ordinances which we must participate in, have been restored or brought back to the earth by a prophet called by God. Our loving Heavenly Father has given us the way and is watching anxiously for us to follow it so that we can be reunited someday.

How I live my faith

The phrase "How I live my faith" is important. It truly is LIVING my faith. I try to make my faith part of my life every day not just on Sunday. Every action I make can and will have an influence on my life and entire existence. I have chosen to have high standards for myself regarding the things I allow into my life. Much of what we are as a person is because of what we watch, listen to and also the places we choose to go. I believe that thinking very carefully about what we allow into our lives is important and that the decisions I have made HAVE helped me to be better and have made it easier to live life the way Heavenly Father wants me to. Growing up, the Scouting program was a big part of my life. My favorite part of moving up through the rank advancements was the opportunities for giving service. Serving others is something that God expects us to do. As we serve others I believe that we are serving God and carrying out His plans for the world. The world needs more people serving people!!! Today's world is pretty crazy, and I believe that there is one thing which help us through it all and that is family. I love my family and I try to show that love to them on a daily basis by the things I say, do and even think. I am not married yet, but when I am, my family is going to be the number one priority in my life!!! The word "Gospel" means good news. One of the ways I live my faith is by doing my best to share the good news with the world. I don't have to be a full-time missionary with a name tag and a bike to share the gospel, I (and many other members of the LDS faith) simply share the good news by example. I hope that the way I live my life is an example of what I believe.