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Hi I'm Mark

I was raised in Massachusetts, live in Minnesota. I’m a bass and walleye fishing grandfather and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a husband, father, and grandfather. Sounds cool to say grandfather. I have a few hobbies that I truly enjoy. Such as fishing, camping, anything to do with firearms. Lately I have been getting into family history. I'm kind of like a dog with a bone. I get on to something and I just cant let it go until I figure it out. I love reading almost anything, and I enjoy good movies also playing games with my wife and reading stories out loud. Family is what makes me tick.

Why I am a Mormon

As a youth I decided there where things in my religion (catholic) that I had a difficult time understanding. I never for one minute believed that somethings were meant to be a mystery. So as a teenager I left and started searching for what I thought would be the truth. I studied with friends and there various churches. Some different protestant faiths such as Baptists and Lutherans. I studied with the Way Ministry. I studied with Jehovah's Witnesses. All of them seemed lacking to some degree. I spent many hours in my room reading the Bible. Strange kind of life for a teenager. But while I was in the Navy shortly after high school I had to stand a Quarter Deck Watch. That was very unusual as I was a cook and normally we didn't have to stand quarter deck watches. In this case it was an all night watch sitting at a desk answering phones that never rang. In other words a very boring watch. I didn't bring anything to read and the chief petty officer i was standing duty with brought along a bunch of church material. being a reader I picked them up and read and asked him a lot of questions about the LDS faith. He was investigating the church so there wasn't much he could tell me but he said I could have the missionaries over to my apartment and they could explain everything. I agreed and soon they were in my apartment. from the very first I knew what they had to say was true. It seemed like "coming home". I my brand new bride had a different idea though. She was a strong Lutheran and wasnt going to have any thing to do with a different religion. She tried to stay in the kitchen and she didn't keep it a secret she wasn't pleased with me. But she heard what the missionaries had to say and her heart was opened. She had a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel before I did. Shortly we were baptized along with the chief and his wife. I have long since lost contact with them as that was in 1976, but i will ever be grateful.

How I live my faith

There are many things I do to live my faith. First I try to be the best husband and father I can. This often means leading the family in prayer, or giving blessings. I spend time with my wife reading the scriptures. I take on assignments from the church, such as helping the members of out ward/congregation build up there food storage. I often go out and visit families that I am assigned to and bring a spiritual message. Often this turns into some type of service as people move and need help or someone becomes I'll and needs a priesthood blessing. Very often the families you are asked to visit become very good friends. Its all about service. Christ serves us because He loves us. We serve others because we love Him. I am also involved in learning more about the constitution of the USA and the principals this country was founded on. I do this because I truly believe our Founding Fathers were inspired by a Heavenly Father who wanted at least one place in this world where freedom and liberty could spread. I have taught the youth and been a scout leader. Mostly I try very hard to talk to my Savior and become friends. I love the Lord and I Love his gospel. I love the idea that not only can my family continue on as a family into the eternities but so can yours.