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Hi I'm Clark

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a man of faith and feeling, a business organizer and builder, who loves to teach and help people develop their potential. When the weather is warm and the kids (or my wife) will join me, I love to be on a kayak on the lake. My father was a military chaplain. We criss-crossed the country and the globe, moving every few years. We saw the world and were exposed to many different belief systems and ways of living. It wasn’t until my later teens that I spent much time around other Mormons. I was the proverbial “preacher’s kid.” It took moving to Las Vegas (where there are many Mormons) to learn “It can be cool to be good.” Through God’s grace, life changed for me. I served an LDS mission to France, worked hard through college and graduate school, and have been blessed with a good wife and two children. My career as a lawyer / executive / entrepreneur / independent businessman has allowed us to live in different parts of the U.S. We are pleased to again call Atlanta “home.” The Southeast is a place where people remain proud to be called Christians, to profess faith, and to stand for righteous principles. We love it. My favorite quote is, “If in faith and selflessness you are giving all of your talents to the Lord to use as He desires, then what He wants to happen will happen. Relax.” This knowledge has carried me through many difficulties. I hope you have found ways to allow Him to bless you, too. He will, if you seek Him.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because God has answered my private prayers in a way that assures me the Book of Mormon is precisely what it claims to be -- a new witness of Jesus Christ brought to us in a way that proves God speaks to men again. I have read it many times and am convinced of the veracity of the text. Its doctrine is beautiful. It teaches things about my Savior that confirm the faith I have gained in Him from the writings of His apostles and followers as contained in the New Testament. Knowing that Joseph Smith could not have authored the text of the Book of Mormon, I have had to confront the implications of its existence and what it means with regard to Joseph. I have prayed about his ministry as well and know that his report is true of seeing and receiving instruction from Jesus Christ and God the Father. I am grateful that God has spoken to men again through a prophet. I have studied Joseph’s life extensively. He was not a perfect man, but he followed the rule: “When God speaks, do it!” As a result, we have all been blessed. God’s authority is again on the earth and God continues to speak through modern prophets. These men have led me by word and deed to greater faith in Jesus Christ. Because of this, I have become a better man. I know that God will bless men with knowledge and enlighten their decisions, if they will seek Him. I have; and I have been blessed. Now I must live my faith, even if it is not well understood by others. Its fruits are good and are recognized as such by honest men of good intent throughout the world. The formula is simple and available to all: Study the Word, Apply it in your life, Seek to know what the Lord would have you do, and Add to your faith all the good you learn from whatever source. Then repeat, repeatedly. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has given me an eternal perspective that has made life’s challenges easier to endure. I know God is in control and, if we are seeking His will, His aid is never far away.

How I live my faith

I participate actively in my local congregation and try to assist in whatever way is needed. Sometimes that is teaching; other times it is in administrative roles leading various youth or adult groups. I currently help organize many of the older, more experienced brethren who have special responsibilities for the widows, divorcees, single women, and fatherless. My wife and I have worked in many leadership roles, but our favorite have been with the youth where we have been able to listen and encourage them. My favorite church activity is teaching. I love to help others see connections and recognize the beauty inherent in the gospel plan. At core it is simple: Our Heavenly Father loves us. He wants us to enjoy the happiness He has; and has provided a way for us to become more like him so that we can know and experience the joy he has. That joy is in family life, eternally with our brothers and sisters, spouses and children, parents and grandchildren. I live my faith by the way I interact with others. I try to be accepting of others and to encourage and support them. For 15+ years, I have been in executive roles in high stress industries with responsibilities for hundreds of employees. They have been at different stages of their careers and life. I have tried to encourage them to develop their abilities and have consciously spent extra time coaching and mentoring. As we have faced personal and professional problems together, I have tried to do so by recognizing the human element in the problems and trying to respect the individuals involved. I believe the Savior’s word, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto these [thy brethren/sisters]…ye have done it under me.” Because of my gratitude for Him, I have tried to act accordingly. My parents were like this. So is my wife. I hope my children will be as well. I pray regularly, study scripture, try to be grateful for God's kindness, and otherwise try to enjoy life! "Man is to have joy." I believe it!