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Hi I'm Cale

I served a mission in Argentina.

About Me

I enjoy movies, books, games and skateboarding. My wife and I recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We have 1 child, a six-year-old boy. I graduated from pharmacy school in 2004 and recently started a new job at Walmart Pharmacy. I like to learn new things. I am especially interested in government, astronomy, and religion.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was in middle school, I began to read the Book of Mormon. It was difficult reading and I didn't understand a lot of the words or concepts. During my senior year of high school, I read the whole book from start to finish. I learned a lot from the book, but more important to me was the feeling I got as I read. This feeling was more than just excitement about the plan of salvation or enjoyment of a good plot. I recognized this feeling as the spirit of the Lord testifying to me that the book was true. I understood that it truly was written by ancient American prophets and that the precepts the book teaches will guide me to eternal life. I have read the book several times since that first time, and the same feeling comes to me each time I read.

How I live my faith

I make an effort to follow Christ's example by serving others. I have been assigned to visit 3 of the families in my local congregation with a companion. We try to visit each family at least once per month to share a gospel-related message and assure that each family's spiritual and temporal needs are met. This is part of the church's home teaching program and my family also has home teachers that visit us each month. In the past, I have led the eleven-year-old scouts, taught Sunday school classes with children ages 0 to 14, and served as a secretary to church leaders. I also volunteer time as a pharmacist at a local health clinic that treats uninsured patients for free.

What do Mormons believe happens after we die?

We believe that at the time of death, the immortal spirit separates from the mortal body and goes to one of two places in the spirit world, spirit paradise or spirit prison. This division of the spirit world into prison and paradise could be what many Christians understand to be heaven and hell. In the spirit world, 2 things happen: 1. We wait as spirits for the resurrection (when the spirit reunites with a perfect and immortal body), 2. The righteous spirits teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to those spirits who didn't get a proper chance to hear and obey the gospel in mortal life. When the time comes, our spirits are reunited with a perfect, immortal body in the resurrection of the dead. Then we stand before the judgement bar of God to give an account of our life on earth and in the spirit world. Our heavenly father will then assign us to one of 3 kingdoms of glory: the celestial kingdom, the terrestrial kingdom, or the telestial kingdom. These three kingdoms are kingdoms of glory whose glory surpasses the glory that we now enjoy on this earth. The three kingdoms differ in glory as the sun, moon, and stars differ in brightness. In order to enter into the celestial kingdom, one must learn of Jesus Christ and strive to keep his commandments. Show more Show less