Jernae: Mormon.

Hi I'm Jernae

About Me

After seven years in school, I just finished up my first bachelor's degree. It was a struggle, it was hard, but it was something that I wanted. Aside from writing New Adult novels, I sing, I hike, I fish, I swim. I work as a copywriter and editor, own my own home, work hard, enjoy spending time with my friends and family, and I have one big goal in this life . . . to be a best selling author.

Why I am a Mormon

Like many others, I was born into the church. My parents are members, my grandparents are members, and their parents before them. But even though my great-great grandparents were converted, I had to find my own conversion. I've been blessed to know that this church is the true church since I can remember. Years ago, when I moved out of my parent's home for the first time, I found that life was hard. School wasn't going right, friends weren't there for me, I was struggling with my own self-esteem, and I knelt down to pray to my Heavenly Father. I told him of the need that I had to be held. I told him how sad I was and how much I just needed him. Immediately, my phone rang and it was my mother on the line. I will never forget the peaceful rush that came over me as I knew that my prayer had been answered. I don't want to know what my life would be like without the support and unconditional love my Heavenly Father and his son, Jesus Christ. With this gospel, or "good news" that Christ paid for our sorrows, our sins, and our illnesses, I can walk taller, and never feel alone.

Personal Stories

What is hope and what do you hope for?

Hope is the start of faith. Faith is hope in things that are not seen. Being a single member of the church, I struggle a lot with the question, "Why aren't I married yet?" As I pondered this question one week, among others, I finally got an answer that built up my hope and in turn, built up my testimony. I was reading in 2 Timothy 3:14 which reads: "...Continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them;" I'd been blessed before that I would find someone. I'd just lost faith in myself--even though God hadn't.

How I live my faith

I attend my church meetings regularly each week where I am called to serve in various volunteer positions within the church. From Relief Society, to Sunday School, to helping in Primary, I love to do whatever is asked of me! Daily, I keep in contact with my God by praying, and reading the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon, and present day revelation to the Prophet). The Savior told us to love our neighbor. And although I am human, flawed, and sometimes selfish, I do try to remember others each day. Heavenly Father loves each of us the same way. Imagine that? A being that doesn't lose love for someone even though they falter.