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Hi I'm Arthur

I'm a Mormon. I grew up in and have now moved back to Upper New York State.

About Me

I am a father of four, Grandfather of eleven. I am a Computer Technician, Retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. I also tried my hand at other occupations to include raising Beef Cattle in Northern New York State, Selling products, that did not last long, and working as a Back Yard Mechnic. I love the outdoors and especially Hunting and Fishing. I like Camping however, sleeping on the groud does not agree with me much anymore so I now preferr a camper, but still rather set it up in the middle of the woods than in some park with a crowd of other people. I love and support scouting and my three sons are all Eagle Scouts, my Daughter found an Eagle Scout for a husband... In the Navy for my 22 year career I mostly worked as a Cryptologic Technician and picked up my computer skills as a byproduct of my Navy experiances. I was officially a CTRC at retirement but spent most of my career as a "CTT" onlyl changing ratings when I made Chief. I am a Family Man and love tospend time with my Wife, children and Grandchildren. I also tend to like things that go really fast and engine to weight ratios that are extremely high. If only my financial situation could support more than the observations of other peole's equipment and toys... It is fun these days to just hang around the homestead.

Why I am a Mormon

In 1983 I found myself in the middle of a divorce and very humbled. A friend shared with me a card that contained a listing of what is called the Articles of Faith. This little piece of paper hit my heart with such power that I just could not stop thinking about it. Especially when it talked about the Book of Mormon being the Word of God. I just had to find a copy of this book and see what it was. I did find my copy and read it. It imressed me as being exactly what I needed very badly in my life. It provided answers and direction that I had never in my life enjoyed. I prayed to know if it was the word of God and promised God that if he would reveil the answer to me and if it was the word of God that I would do my best to follow it. I got my answer. I know I am living my committment to him and he reassures me regularly that this is "HIS CHURCH" and this is the "Gospel of Jesus Christ". I have grown closer to God through the Teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints than anything else in my life could ever have done. Even if someone could prove it was not true, I would not change the way I now life my life and worship my God. It has just brought me more joy and happiness than anything I can imagine.

How I live my faith

I have ordered my life to try to put Chirst first in all that I do. In a seven year study I found that the people of the Church who were having the most trouble and were themost discouragd were people and families that were not doing some basic things as part of their daily lives. I narrowed the list down to five basic items on which I think everything else is built. These five things are 1 Personal and Family Scripture Study every day. 2 Personal and Family Prayers every day morning and night minimum. 3 Setting one day aside for a Family Home Evening each week 4 honoring the Sabbath of the Lord by attending worship services and keeping the rest of the day in accordance witht he teachings of the church. 5 Paying an honest tithing to show faithfulness to Our Father in Heaven and to recognize his hand in all that I earn. By living these simple starting steps, I am able to maintain a good positive relationship with my God and my Family and enjoy the love of both. Live is not without trials, but the trials are so much easier to handle as long as I am doing my part. As I do what I am supposed to, the Lord blresses me and my familiy with so much more of what we need.

Are Mormons Christians?

 I find it funny when ever someone askes if Mormons are Christians... This is funny since the Name of the Church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. and The Book of Mormon is actually "The Book of Mormon, another testiment of Jesus Christ". We do indead believe in Jesus Christ and it is the same Jesus Christ that the rest of the Christian world affirms to by our Savior and redeemer. He is the Way the Truth and the Light of the World. Mormons are Christians and worship CHrist trying in all ways to place him at the very center of our lives. Not just one day a Week, but all of our Lives. My Savior, Jesus Christ is my friend and my redeemeer, and the one upon whom all my hopes for the future depend. Nothing else will matter in 25000 years without him! Show more Show less