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Hi I'm Philip

Every day I share my Testimony of Jesus Christ, helping others gain and strengthen their own Testimony of Jesus Christ.

About Me

I am a Missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Serving in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and will be in the Wisconsin area sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ for a total of two years. I'm originally from Rock Springs, Wyoming. When I am finished in Wisconsin I will go back to the Western states and go to College. I have many different hobbies, I really enjoy the great outdoors, I love to go camping, rock climbing, fishing, and anything in the Sun and the Great Rocky Mountains. I really enjoy Physical work, I enjoy building up Jeeps and then of course taking them up in the Rocky Mountains. However on top of Physical work I enjoy "Thinking work" as I call it. I feel a well rounded life must have a little bit of both Physical work and Thinking work. My mission has really made me do thinking work, like applying the teachings of Jesus Christ to myself and mostly others. Because of this I have found that I enjoy sitting back and thinking. I enjoy thinking about what God wants me to do, and what Blessings He Promises if we obey. My desire to learn has grown, and my desire to share knowledge with others has grown. I will always continue to share the Gospel with others. I have found great joy in the Gospel and I desire to share that joy with others.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an Active Mormon family, I was raised and taught what my Parents believed. I was taught to be nice to my brothers and sisters, to share, to be polite, eat all my vegetables, all the things that are good for a young child to learn. However on top of that I was taught at a young age who Jesus Christ is and what He did for me personally. I was taught the commandments He gives to all mankind. I was taught that He loves me and cares for me, and wants me to be happy, and my Heavenly Father has prepared a way for me to be happy and live with him again. I was taught what I must do to be happy and live with My Father in Heaven and those teachings came from the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and from living Prophets. Most important my parents taught me to decide for myself, they first taught me how to decide for myself, and then they let me make my own decisions. They taught me to Pray to my Father in Heaven, who loves me, and ask him if all that my parents taught was true. So I am a Mormon because I Prayed and received an answer that what I have been taught from living Prophets, the Bible and the Book of Mormon, is all true. The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is true I know this by the Power of Pray and the confirmation from the Holy Ghost.

How I live my faith

I try to begin every day off right I kneel and pray to my loving Heavenly Father. I pray that He will help me as I go through out my day, I pray that He will help me find ways to serve those I come in contact with, I pray that He will help me to open my mouth and share with others what I am thankful for, what I know to be true, to tell others about the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ, here on the Earth again. After I pray I begin my day, I try to fill my day following what the Lord would want me to do. I go where he would want me to go, and I talk with many different people, sharing with them my Testimony of Jesus Christ. I help them understand how much Our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ love us. I help them understand that God Speaks through Prophets, and that we have a Prophet on the Earth again today. I share with them what I know, and then I let them know how they can know for themselves if what I’m saying is the Truth. I simply invite them to read the Book of Mormon, Ponder what they read, and then to simply get on their hands and knees and pray, and ask Heavenly father if what they read is the Truth. I Promise them that if they do this, they will receive an answer, I know they will because it is how I know for myself.