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Hi I'm Matthew

I'm a cancer survivor and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

Some hobbies I enjoy are writing poetry, writing stories, drawing, playing the cello, and making videos. I also really like "Star Wars", "Lord of the Rings", and "The Chronicles of Narnia". As a young man, I completed a two year mission for the church. I feel that it is the most rewarding thing I have ever done, because of how close I have been able to feel at times to my Heavenly Father, and the important life lessons I have learned. I love the kind hearts of many of the people that I met and how I saw them reach out to others in friendship and to share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Why I am a Mormon

I have been blessed from a very young age to have had the feeling that God was real and that he was my Heavenly Father. As I grew my parents taught me about Him and His son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. I came to understand that this feeling of knowing Heavenly Father is there came from the Holy Ghost, who gives us peaceful and comforting feelings to confirm something is true. From an early age I knew I wanted to be baptized because I wanted to follow my Heavenly Father. I knew in my heart that He loved and cared for me and that that was what He wanted for me. After I was baptized, I received what we call "The gift of the Holy Ghost". I had hands laid on my head, and using the authority given from God to them, (the priesthood), they said, "Receive the Holy Ghost". When they said those words, I felt such a wonderful feeling I cannot forget. It was a warm, peaceful, loving, comforting feeling that went through my whole body. I knew that was the Holy Ghost. Since then I have faced difficult challenges that have tested my faith - temptations, cancer, damage to the brain, difficulty finding balance in my life. Through it all I have made many mistakes, but as I have kept trying, praying, and seeking help I have always discovered things I can change in my attitude and actions that bring a greater measure of peace and understanding.

How I live my faith

I learned a lot from serving as a full-time missionary. As missionaries, we try to find people that are open to learning of Christ and his Gospel (Gospel literally means "good news"). I know from personal experience, that when I have followed the word of God and his servants I feel good in a deeper way than when I do not. I experience the peace that comes from the Holy Ghost, despite trials and challenges. I have learned so much from my time on a mission. It has not only helped others grow closer to Christ, but has helped me immensely as well. It has been a wonderful experience where I have learned better how to overcome challenges with hope and confidence. We have been able to see people's lives change and a new light come into their eyes. That is really the most sweet and valuable experience to me. I have learned to look at life in a new perspective from experiences I have had in my life. I know that I will make many mistakes, but I know that nobody is perfect and that making mistakes is part of the learning process and is O.K. Each of can have hope that though prayer and efforts to change, Christ can lighten our burdens and forgive our mistakes. He makes the way possible for all of us, regardless of our past mistakes or circumstances, to find peace in this world and to live with God after we die. We just need to try to do the best we can to follow Christ's example. When we mess up, we can stand and try again, no matter how many times we stumble.

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Our invitation is to "all people", to "come unto Christ" and "partake of his salvation". We believe that all of us are God's children, and that no matter our past mistakes or our circumstances, we all have opportunity to find peace and happiness from following the principles of the Gospel. We try to do as the Savior would do, and reach out in love to everyone in need. For many many years the church has done service and donations to the needy. The church will always try to "comfort those in need of comfort" wherever we go. Show more Show less