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Hi I'm Vivien Roberts

I thrill at living in Africa and believe that opportunities are many on this blessed continent. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My soul is constantly evolving and it is a fascinating process, especially since I'm the one driving the changes! I started an HR degree at age 40 and went on to complete my Honours in eight years. It was thrilling. At the same time my youngest started her degree and my eldest provided our first grandchild. We now have four gorgeous grandgirls. It was also the start of an interesting international career. Before that I was a stay-at-home mom. Talk about contrasts! I read EVERYTHING that is purported to be true - back and front, top and bottom - from boxes and bottles to inserts and volumes. I have an insatiable desire to know. In 2011 I plan to learn to play the piano...

Why I am a Mormon

My mom is my hero. She encouraged her children to search for God and not to accept religious teachings that did not make sense. We were taught to question the necessity of infant baptism, the "unconsciousness" of the spirit after death, the three-in-one doctrine of the trinity etc. I attended every congregation in our neighbourhood and beyond, listening to evangelists, reading books on conversions, how to survive the Rapture and so on. The more I learned the more confused I became. Who was God? What was He? July 19th 1985 found me writing out an advertisement for the Classified Section of the city newspaper; "Looking for God. If you know a God with whom I can have a reciprocal relationship, please contact me at XXX". Just at that moment there was a knock on my door - the Mormon missionaries. I laughed because I knew (I thought I knew) about their religion. I invited them in, told them my quest and asked them a few questions regarding UFO's, dinosaurs, why are their different races etc. Their answers were not scientific, not even close. Yet I felt something as they invited me to approach Father and seek His answers on what they were sharing with me. I was told not to believe them on their word, but to go to the Source and ask Him for guidance. This impressed me and I did just that, this time with confidence. As I was taught more about the scriptures, prophets and His holy Word I searched for answers and revelation came. The heavens opened to me and God revealed Himself. I rejoiced in having finally found Him. He has continued to make Himself available to me, adding power and vitality to my life. My love and gratitude for Jesus Christ and his role in this great Plan of Happiness continues to develop. I am beginning to know Him and Father. I live in miracles.

How I live my faith

Other than the Sunday worship services, it was the Woman's Organization where I felt particularly comfortable and "at home". My children were young and it was an outlet for my talents to be expanded. We would get together regularly to teach and learn from one another - everything from how to properly wash a toilet (some young married's needed help with that :) to how to make a fully lined three-piece suit. What fun we had. We also visited and cared for the sick, catered for funerals, looked after children, sang to the elderly, and and and... The scope of what the women in the Church accomplish is endless. My most memorable calling was teaching early morning seminary to 14 - 18 year old's - at 5:45 in the morning! I did that for three years until I was released and someone else was called. The problem was I still had children who needed to attend. This meant having to drive 32 kilometers every week day morning for another few years! Those experiences probably have had the most valuable impact on my children than any other. I would do it all again in a heartbeat! There were hard times too - I had miscarriages, we had 11 cars stolen from us, we had severe financial setbacks and we still find ourselves having to make decisions that are difficult because the future seems so unpredictable. What we have learned is 1) the Lord wants us to succeed and that 2) what matters most is how we respond to our circumstances. That is our choice. We can choose to be happy and deliberately design our path. It may still be strewn with obstacles, but it will be a safe path and we will get to our Destination if we walk with the Lord. I know this is true. I have proved Him many times and He has never let me down. My relationship with Him is kind and good and nurturing. I am grateful.

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Vivien Roberts
We had our own business for a while and used a check book. We got to a time when my husband gave "authority" or power of attorney to a partner to write out checks. Before he handed over this authority to his partner, he made sure this man knew how the business ran and what the expectations were. My husband also accepted that whenever the partner signed a check, we would have to honour it. That checkbook and authority resulted in the partner making decisions for the company. We knew that handing over that authority would mean him acting on behalf of our business. We accepted his authority and word on matters. He acted in our best interest. Decisions made by him were ratified by my husband. God can only accept baptizm by those set apart and given authority to carry out this ordinance - otherwise confusion and misunderstanding sets in. Expectations can be clarified in this way. All parties can be comfortable in the knowledge of expected outcomes. Show more Show less

What are some of the ways that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helps those around the world?

Vivien Roberts
Within the Welfare Department of the Mormon Church is a division called LDS Employment Resource Services (ERS). ERS helps people (not only Mormon's) find jobs. One can attend a Career Workshop where you would identify your talents and skills, set long and short term career goals, learn the power of creating networks, develop "Me, in 30 Second" statements and "Power Statements", learn how to make a good impression, practice answering questions most frequently asked in job interviews, learn how to put together a strong CV (resume) and other written materials like Thank You and Cover letters, and identify problems that may come up in the workplace along with a plan to overcome them. The Career Workshop is life-changing, especially in Africa. I know many people that have gone from having no career to running their own successful businesses after receiving this free training. ERS also run Self-Employment Workshops, Networking Groups, Professional Placement Programs as well as provide internet, fax, telephone and other resources to assist people in their search for gainful employment. An exciting development is the new LDSJOBS website - www.ldsjobs.org. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to expand their career. All these facilities, resources and training is offered free of charge. Show more Show less