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Hi I'm Sheri

I recently left my full time career, after 32 years, to focus more on family, faith, and health!

About Me

In 2013 I was having minor health issues and visited my doctor. He said most all of my symptoms were directly related to stress and, because I wasn't recognizing it, my body was screaming at me that I was stressed. He told me that I needed to find what was causing so much stress and make changes in my life. I knew immediately what I had to do, but it wasn't even on my radar, and we were not financially ready for me to leave my job after 32 years. I wasn't near retirement age yet. After speaking with my husband (who was totally supportive) and praying for guidance to my Father in Heaven, I knew I needed to leave my job. The amazing part was that the decision did not make sense financially, but I felt at peace and I knew that if I put my faith and trust in God everything would work out, and so far it has. Mathematically, on paper, it does not add up that we could still pay our bills after losing my income. However, with faith, ALL things are possible. We did do our part and cut unnecessary expenses, but it has not felt like we've given up anything of value, but have gained so much more. With one son in college, and the other in middle school, I have been blessed to have more time with them. I have also been able to help my husband, who is self-employed, with his business. Through this experience, I am being reminded that when we put our trust in God, and put Him first in our lives, all other things fall into place. He hears our prayers and answers them!

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized when I was 8 years old by my grandfather. I grew up hearing stories about my ancestors and their strong faith. Many had joined the Church shortly after Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and came with the Saints west to find a place where they could be free of persecution for being members of the Church. Reading from their journals it was evident of their great love for Jesus Christ, and their testimony of the Book of Mormon. They knew Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and many other early leaders of our Church. They admired how these men and women were honest, faithful, hard-working, and endured so much. Reading the testimonies of my ancestors filled me with love and appreciation for all that they endured to have religious freedom. At a young age, I knew it was true. I attended other churches with friends but in my heart I knew there was something missing. The sweet spirit I felt growing up when I attended the LDS church I did not feel when I went to the other churches. At the time, I didn't know why. I just knew that it made me sad for my friends. I often invited them to our children's activities (called Primary) because I wanted them to feel what I felt. At least 2 of those childhood friends are now Church members. Why am I a Mormon? It's the only thing that ever felt right to me and I have prayed to my Father in Heaven to know for sure if it is true. I know it is and I can't deny what I know to be true...just like my ancestors couldn't deny it.

How I live my faith

Callings or duties in the Church are volunteer. Even our Bishops are not paid. They often have full-time jobs outside the Church and then give many hours of volunteer service for their Church callings. I currently serve in the women's organization (called Relief Society) as a Sunday teacher. Once or twice a month I share messages including topics with faith, hope, endurance, charity, love, and hard work. These lessons are often taken from the life of Jesus Christ, His prophets, and the lives of faithful people. The lessons are a way for us to talk with fellow women in the Church, gain better appreciation for each other, and share our love of Jesus Christ and His Gospel. I also live my faith by imagining the Savior is with me wherever I go. Would I say or do certain things if He were right beside me? I want to live my life so that He would always feel welcome if He stopped by to see me at ANY time. Am I perfect? Not at all! But I am trying to be like Him and trying to be better each day.

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our religion. He is the Son of God. He led a sinless life and suffered in Gethsemane, and on the cross, so that we could be saved from our sins when we repent and follow Him. Show more Show less