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Hi I'm Leah Beard Avirett

I'm a Mormon. I joined the Church in 1984 with my two children and my husband, James Avirett.

About Me

I joined the Church in 1984, with my husband, James, and my two children, Heather and James. My husband and I were married when we joined the Church, but divorced. He didn't continue in the Church, but I did. In 2009, Elder Bednar came to our town and he was having a "new member/new convert" meeting. My husband had started going to Church again, was working on getting his priesthood, and our Stake President told him the Holy Spirit told him he needed to go the Elder Bednar's meeting. I, after 20 years in metro Atlanta, moved back to Florida. I took an investigator to the meeting. James was sitting right in front of me! Elder Bednar ask us all to stand up and tell how we became to be in the meeting. It went all around the room and finally got to me. I stood up and said my name and said I had been a member for 25 years. When it got to James, he stood up and said, "My name is James, and I've been a member as long as Leah has." I was stunned. We remarried shortly after! Now my grandson, J.T. Beard, has joined the Church. My husband and I continue to bring the Gospel to the whole family! Recently, James and I have been caled as ward missionaries and we are looking forward to being of service to Jesus Christ in a meaningful way.

Why I am a Mormon

My husband and I are Mormons because when we started looking for a Church to go to, my sister-in-law sent the Missionaries to us. James, who has been reading the Bible for a long time and had a Baptist upbringing, asked them if our Lord would be coming in the flesh or the Spirt when He returns. Of course, they said the flesh as our Savior rose and regained his body and still has it today! The Mormons answered all the questions I had about God and Jesus Christ. It all made perfect sense. All of it! Why are we here! Where are we going! It's a wonderful Church. You should read the Book of Mormon and pray to see if it's true. If you are truly seeking the truth, you will get the right answer! You may know about Mormons and genealogy. We believe our ancestors can be sealed to us for all eternity. I loved finding all my dead relatives! Even though I new the Church was true, I consider the following to be my conversion story: I lived in Chamblee, Georgia, which is no where near the Atlanta Temple; it was several miles northeast from where I was. I was busy doing genealogy as usual when I got a prompting to go outside. I thought it a little strange because I had never really felt a prompting like this. I usually realize The Spirit after the fact by a peace coming to me. It was a Saturday. So I went outside and was standing there just a minute when a van pulled up and the man rolled down his window and asked me, "Do you know how to get to the Temple?" It was after I told him and they pulled off that I realized I had been an answer to this man's prayer! After that, I knew with great feeling that my Church was true.

How I live my faith

I was always interested in my family history and as it turns out, they were interested in me! I have been able to take over five thousand dead ancestors thru the Temple!! My "conversion" really happened one day when I had been working on my genealogy on a Saturday afternoon, as always, since I ate, drank and breathed research... The Spirit whispered for me to go outside. I had never felt the Spirit quite that strong when this happened. So I did. Now I didn't live any where close to the Atlanta Temple but as I got to the end of my stairs, a van full of people pulled up, the man driving rolled down the window and asked, "Do you know how to get to the Temple?" Well, I said, yes. And after I told him and he drove off, I said to myself, "Wow, I was just an answer to their prayer! How awesome was that!" It changed my life. It totally strengthened my testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father.