Devyn: Mormon.

Hi I'm Devyn

About Me

I'm a avid computer programer. I love creating things on a computer and learning new things. Technology fascinates me. I have a wonderful wife and we are in school together. I like to play lacrosse, friz-be and try new adventurous things.

Why I am a Mormon

Early in life i found a difference in how I felt when I was at church and when I was out with my friends. It felt super good. I decided to investigate more and as I read the Book of Mormon, i felt that feeling again. To me it was like a shelter from crazyness. I'm a Mormon because my heart tells me to be.

Personal Stories

In what ways have your prayers been answered?

Sometimes I can be really hard for us to receive answers to our prayer. Sometimes I expect it to happen just like it did to prophets in the bible, God comes down and tells me everything. It requires a lot more hard work than I expected. When I was first trying to find my faith in God I prayed a lot. I heard over and over again that I would get an answer. When I didn't receive one right away I decided I needed to continue until I felt uneasy. So I kept praying, asking God if I was doing the right things, if I was in the right church. It came to me after a little time, I think God just wanted to know I was serious, He wanted me to show some commitment before He answered my prayers. I received my answer as I kept praying. Every day I felt closer and closer to God and one day I was praying and I just felt this warm feeling come into my life. I determined it must be God giving me an answer. As I've continued praying He has given me more confirmations, and answers. He loves me enough to speak with me through prayer. He loves you and all of His other Children just as much.

How I live my faith

I live my faith day to day. My Goal is to do what makes me feel the best and when something doesn't feel right, I try to change it for tomorrow. Through my experience's I've learned that I'm happiest when I am doing what God wants me to. That's why I love following Him.