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Hi I'm Jennifer Dawn (Drummond) Autry

I had plans for my life as a youth, but realized that the Lord's plan is better than mine. I am grateful to know that.

About Me

As a youth, I planned out my future. I wanted to go to college, go on a mission for my church, get married, finish college, work, and have 7 kids. All before I was 30. Well I went to college, but didn't finish. Ended up getting married and so I didn't serve a mission and even though I worked for longer than I wanted, I did not have my ideal job. I married my best friend and someone I dated in highschool at age 20. We have had a marriage filled with ups and downs and lots of job changes, but somehow he still makes me laugh so I keep him around. My original plan of 7 kids has become 2 girls that I have had to work hard to bring into this world and that I love dearly. Hopefully we will be able to have another one someday. I didn't plan on it, but have become a military wife. My husband is a flight paramedic in the US Army and loves his job. I am happy that my husband has a job that he loves. However, his job does mean a lot of transition and change for our family. We are happy to support him and our country. I keep myself busy with my girls, our dog, and many hobbies. I love to read, cook, and exercise. The first two make it so that I really should do a lot more of the the last hobby. In many ways I am a hobby queen and have tried more than my fair share, but I always go back to those main three. I read a variety of books and love to learn about people. I love to cook new recipes and have done 4 half marathons and hope to do a full one someday.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised a mormon, but that does not make you a mormon. When I first started knowing that I believe in the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints I was ten. My brother went on a mission for our church and I had teachers at church telling me that I could know the church was true for myself. So I followed the advice of Moroni in the Book of Mormon. I read the Book of Mormon and I prayed to know that it was true. I didn't receive an angelic visit, but I did feel a good peaceful confirmation from my Heavenly Father about the gospel. Over the years I have felt that same peaceful feeling on many occassions as I prayed. A feeling I now know to be the Holy Ghost confirming truth and bringing me peace in times of need. As I have actively tried to follow the Saviors example and live as He would want me to live, I have felt peace and comfort. I am not perfect and have made mistakes along the way, but through the Savior I have been able to repent and move forward. I know that the church has brought me so much and it is for the benefit of all of us. So many times as I have seen others struggle, I have thought that if they just had this from our church they would be much better. I have no desire to make someone believe what I believe, but I do wish others would feel the peace and joy I have felt in being a mormon. The feeling of felowship and service that I feel from the many members of the church I have met from all over the world. The knowledge that no matter where I go, I will find a church relatively close by filled with wonderful people. People willing to serve and love as the Lord taught, through actions and example. There is so much good out there, but the gospel of Jesus Christ can truly be found in being a Mormon. We speak of Christ and rejoice in His glorious name. He can be seen in the actions of those who say they are Mormon and show it through their actions and not just their words.

How I live my faith

I have various callings in the church as I have moved around. Callings are a wonderful opportunity for us to teach and lead others in our church. I have taught young children, played with young children, taught youth, taught fellow women, and visited with women in their homes. In all these callings my favorite part of teaching and visiting is to ensure that others know they are a child of God. That they have a loving Heavenly Father who sees what they are inside and who they can and will become. So many out there do not realize how special they are and how much Heavenly Father loves them. If there is anything I would like to convey to others, it is that the Lord loves them individually. That He knows each and every one of us and He cares about us in a Father of year kind of way. He is our father and really does want the best for us. It is not always easy to teach us and we are sometimes hard learners, but he really does have our best interest at heart with our tailor made lessons. The other thing I love teach and show is my love of the Savior. Jesus Christ is truly our elder brother and we can show that by following his example. By teaching His sheep in word and deed. I love to teach and though I used to be pretty shy, I have grown to actually love teaching others over the years. Especially when I can teach about Jesus Christ. Talking about His life and his actions brings me and others around me so much love and peace. However, my favorite opportunities are when I can be of service to those around me. When I am able to help others, I feel so much closer to my Savior and Lord. I know that He appreciates us loving those around us. We are His hands and I think it brings Him great joy when we follow His directions and show it to others. It can be a simple smile, a conversation where you truly show interest in the other person, a ride somewhere, a note, a hug, food, or so many other simple things. I live my faith when I do what the Lord wants