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Hi I'm Shelley

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mom of 3 adorable kids and a wife of 9 years. I am the only one who is a member of LDS Church, other than my kids. My favorite hobbies are: crocheting, sewing, hiking, playing games (board games, card games, and video games), reading books, and scrapbooking. At church, I lead hymns in American Sign Language, and an editor of Branch Relief Society newsletter. I hope to enter a Master program this Fall.

Why I am a Mormon

My Convert Story I grew up going to different churches, they all feel same to me. I was baptized at Catholic church when I was baby. Then I was baptized again at 12 years old at Baptist church. I knew about God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. First time I heard the word “Mormon” was in 1994 while I was attending at an University. I've heard that they practiced polygamy and cult rituals, among other myths. I've been avoiding them like they are diseases. There was a beautiful temple with trees around it. I drove by the temple everyday but never knew that it was a Mormon temple. Then in 2001, I moved to Arizona with my husband. I knew no one. My husband introduced me to his friend, Jesi. Jesi is a member of the Church. Jesi invited me to girls night out every month. Almost everyone in the group is a member. My best friends, Jesi and Anna, have been planting seeds for 8 years. I still refused or just nodded. I asked some questions once in a while. Then in 2007, I went to Utah with my best friend, Anna, with my kids and her kids to stay at Anna's sister's house. It was our vacation for two weeks. Anna already explained to me that they usually go to LDS church every Sunday. I am free to stay home or join with them. I didn't feel comfortable staying home. I decided to tag along. I was curious. I didn't see anything wrong or anything out of ordinary with Anna or Jesi. First Sunday, I enjoyed Relief Society class. During sacrament, I noticed two people giving talk, but no pastor. I asked Anna about it. She explained that they give talks. I thought that day was special day. The following Sunday, we went back to Church again. Again, two talks...I was puzzled. I asked Anna about it whether it's normal. She explained that there is no pastor. The members of the Church were called to give talks every Sunday. I was shocked and told her "No way! They had no training from Bible school!! What the heck are they thinking??? What if they are giving us wrong information???" Blah blah...Anna smiled and explained that it is the power of Holy Ghost that they can give talks. My wall was up quickly but I watched nevertheless. We came back home and I was curious about LDS church here. I went once. That's it. I never came back. Until January 2009, Anna was supposed to move to other state but with custody battle, she was forced to stay, but had no place to live. I told her that she could stay with us until her custody battle has been resolved. While she was staying with us, she told me that she will go to Church the following Sunday. I felt guilty that if she goes to church and I didn't. It would be like God looking down at me and telling me “what's the matter with you?” I tagged along again with my children. Then on my birthday, Friday, February 27th, Anna, Jesi and my other best friend, Amber invited me to go to Amber's house. We had a cake. Jesi brought up about me going to church lately and wondered what's up with that. I told her that I was curious and I didn't want my kids to grow up not knowing God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. I had several questions. Amber quickly got her husband, Chris to join in our conversation. Chris was a missionary and he knows scriptures very well. I never forget two things that he told me. 1) Why do I need to baptize again if I already had two baptism? He explained about authority. Would I accept ticket from a clown who drove in a police car? Heck no. What about police officer in full uniform? Oh yeah. Why? He has authority to issue tickets. Same idea with baptism. Did the pastor who baptized me have the authority from Heavenly Father? (Place on his head with priesthood key). That I do not know the answer but deep down inside, I realized that they didn't have authority. 2) Moroni 10:3-5: Moroni's promise...He told me to ask God if the Book of Mormon is true. Later that night, I pondered over our discussion. I kneeled and prayed. I didn't notice anything so obvious. Then the next day (Saturday), it was very cloudy day, no break in clouds. I was cleaning the bathtub near frosted glass. I pondered and pondered. I prayed and prayed while scrubbing the bathtub. The window glowed as if sun broke through the clouds and shined. Then it went away. It can't be as it was very cloudy. I thought again, it had to be coincidence. I prayed to Heavenly Father, apologizing to him if He is trying to give me a sign. I really wanted very obvious sign like flashing YES or NO. Not subtle hints or signs. It's too confusing. Nothing happened. Then next day, Sunday, I attended Relief Society class. I prayed to Heavenly Father to give me sign whether the Church is true and I should be attending in this church. The teacher told us to go look in the Teachings of President Joseph Smith, she specifically gave us page number. I looked in there and saw a picture of Joseph Smith in a meeting with other leaders. Below that picture was a commentary, explaining about the picture which occurred on February 27, 18 something. I was shocked again. It has to be coincidence again! I apologized to Heavenly Father again... Later that week, I prayed and prayed. Finally I felt a warmth spread all over from head to toes, so quickly and powerful as if the Holy Ghost smacked me in the head, telling me to pay attention!!! OH, I have felt this before but didn't connect to Holy Ghost. Oh wow, I was in awe. The following Sunday, I quickly found two Missionary Elders and told them that I am ready to be baptize! My journey to my baptism date, April 11, 2009 has a lot of obstacles. First, my husband told me that I can continue to attend church but didn't want us to become members of the church. Then next week I told the missionary elders that I want to be baptize. Now how do I tell my husband?? I prayed to have his heart softened and felt that same warmth spread all over me and told me to go tell him. I went and told him that I want to be baptized and become a member. He responded ok. I was thinking did I hear that right? What happened to my stubborn husband? I was thrilled. Then my husband's mother emailed to both of us, complaining about me becoming a member of the church, saying that the church will steal all of our money. That put strain between me and my husband. I explained to my husband that all church has tithe, not just LDS. It will be from my income, not his. He continued to complain until the day before baptism. I asked him if he wanted me to call it off. He quickly said no. Finally I got baptized by Chris. I am so thankful to know about this church. I know this Church is true and I can see Satan trying to find ways to throw me off the path, not allowing me to be baptized. I know that it is important for us to share our testimonies to other people just like my best friends who lead me to this Church, even if it took 8 years. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

A couple of callings that I have with our branch are: 1) Leading hymns during Sacrament meeting (worship service) 2) Editor for Relief Society (women's class) newsletter With hymns, I practice those songs in American Sign Language. I have to translate, which helps me to get clearer picture and the meaning of those songs. With newsletter, I strive to find something that is very helpful for women of all ages. While doing research, I get inspirations from Holy Ghost. I also do journaling. I have two journals, one for general such as during Relief Society class or daily life or anything important, and one for scripture study only. I use the Book of Mormon Student Manual to help me study scriptures and making notes, answering questions, and so on. I continue to pray everyday throughout the day to talk with Heavenly Father, just like I would talk with my husband. Most important for me is to give my testimonies. The more I give my testimonies, the stronger my faith is.