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Hi I'm Cara

I work. I study. I pray. I hope. I believe. I live. I am a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Cara. I am single and living with two friends. I am currently working toward becoming a licensed therapist and getting a law degree but still have studying to do..(a lot of studying to do). In the mean time I work full time in a residential treatment center and volunteer with local victims of violent crimes.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up Presbyterian, in a small desert town with a loving family. I wish everyone could have a childhood like mine. I had a good relationship to God where I felt loved and needed. I didn't feel like anything was missing or unanswered. After high school I moved away to college. There I was introduced to the Book of Mormon and the Mormon faith. I had heard of it before but had not given much thought to it. As I began to study, pray and attend church (mostly out of curiosity) I learned things I had never thought of before. The best way for me to describe my conversion is to say it is like I had been looking up into the sky every night for years. I could see the stars and I always knew they were beautiful. I would occasionally discover new stars and could recognize connections and patterns within them. Then suddenly I saw a great a pattern which included all the stars and constellations together, it formed a beautiful picture. I don't know how I had missed it before. They were the same stars I been looking at all along but now I could see how they all related to each other. Everything was so clear. I was awestruck. My life has never been same. I never want it to be. I understand things I never knew before, things that have changed eternity for me and my family. With this new knowledge (or revelation) I felt deeply grateful, humbled and honored. I understand my relationship with God in a clearer deeper way. I feel calm, confident and loved. I wish every person could feel how I feel and see what I can now see.

How I live my faith

After my baptism I began working a lot more and saving money so I too could serve as a missionary. After some time I had everything in order and set out on a mission. I loved being a missionary and served for about a year and a half. It was an amazing experience. I learned and grew so much. I was excited to tell people about the pattern in the stars I had discovered. Some people were interested, some were not. My relationship with God grew stronger. I understood so much about our Savior, our life on earth and the importance of families. When I returned from being a missionary. I went back to college. I began studying to be a Social Worker so that for rest of my life I could be helping people to strengthen themselves and their family. I still have some studying to do before I graduate. In the meantime I work full time at a residential treatment center for youth and volunteer to help victims of violence in my local community. I attend church every Sunday and am still discovering more stars weekly. Every single day I read scriptures, pray, express gratitude and work towards what I feel my Father in Heaven wants me too. I will be eternally grateful that I was given the opportunity to have the complete gospel of Jesus Christ in my life.