What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Jennifer

I'm just one person, but with God I can do anything! I am His precious daughter. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a wife, and I'm a mom to three boys and a girl. I majored in English in college, so of course I love to read and write. I love working with kids, and since my kids are all in school, it seems I'm always volunteering in somebody's classroom. I wear a lot of hats since a mom's work is never done! But I wouldn't have it any other way. Over the years I've worked in a lot of jobs like technical writer, crossing guard, teacher's aide, and voice teacher. I also love Scouting! I've been a Scout leader, including Cubs and Girl Scouts, for over 7 years. I'm a lifelong pianist and singer. Music is a very satisfying creative outlet for me personally. I also feel really blessed when I share my talents.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because the restored gospel of Jesus Christ provides the answers to life's tough questions. It helps me understand my relationship with my Heavenly Father and find peace through His love. It helps me to raise my kids with a moral compass and teach them where to find happiness.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith through every decision I make, by trying to be more like Jesus. I want my heart to be like His! I know I make mistakes, but I love how God gave us the gift of repentance so we can continually grow and improve--and become more like Him. I also feel the need to teach and love the next generation. Over the years I've come to realize that as a child I was was supported and loved by many in my neighborhood and church communities, and I want to pay it forward.

What do Mormons believe about family?

We believe that families are the basic unit of societies and of the eternities. God put us together here in families so we would have people around us to teach us, love us, and help us. We believe that we can be "sealed" together forever with our families through sacred temple ordinances. This includes our ancestors as well as our descendants. It gives me such great comfort to know that I will see my family again after death and that I can spend eternity with the people I love most. Show more Show less

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

I think Mormons live like anybody else. We're just regular people. We hold jobs, are married or single, take care of our children, and try to help our fellow man. We want to make the world a better place by serving others. I guess the main differences in our "lifestyle" is the great emphasis we put on the family. My husband and I work hard to strengthen our family by having a weekly family night, nightly family dinner, and prayer together morning and night. We read the scriptures as a family. We also go to church as a family every Sunday for three hours. We hope that by doing these things we can teach our children morals and how to be happy in an increasingly chaotic world. We want our home to be a special place where our family will always feel loved and cherished. Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

I can see God's hand in everything around me. The babbling creek behind my house. The majestic mountains. The glorious stars and moon you can see on a clear night. The beauties of creation all testify of Him. When I am out in nature there is a peace and rightness about the world. In another way, I also felt very keenly God's reality when each of my four children were born. I would be in labor there in the hospital with my husband, just us as a couple, and then a moment later there was another person in our family. I could sense that this new little person was a gift from God. I could tell that that little spirit was recently in His presence. I was so overwhelmed by God's love for me and my family and that He would entrust me to take care of one of His precious children. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about "eternal life?"

We believe that after death our spirits still continue to exist. Because of Christ's atonement for us, we will all be able to be resurrected, and our spirit will be reunited with a perfect body. Those who have been obedient to the commandments can live in God's presence, and families who are sealed together can be together forever. Show more Show less

What is the Relief Society?

The Relief Society is a women's organization that started when the women of the church wanted to band together to provide service and relief to the poor and needy. Today it continues to be an amazing and effective community of sisterhood that reaches out to all of the women in the church to uplift and inspire them and meet their needs, whether spiritual or material. Show more Show less

What is done with the tithing that Mormons pay?

I love tithing. It is a principle with a promise. In Malachi chapter 3, we are promised that God will pour out blessings on those who pay an honest tithe. Paying tithing teaches us to put our hearts on God and not on our worldly possessions. The Church uses tithing to fund the missionary program, constructing temples and churches, for any printed or other materials, and for operating costs. The Lord's law of tithing is so simple. It doesn't require volumes and volumes of tax codes. It is the same now as it has been since Old Testament times: one tenth. It is so beautifully simple. The widow's mite counts as much in the eyes of the Lord as the millionaire's ten percent. Each is blessed for exercising their faith. The fact is, God doesn't need my tithing to make His church run. But He does want my heart. When I make that sacrifice, be it great or small, my heart turns to Him, and I recognize all the blessings He has given me. To dedicate back ten percent of everything that He gave me in the first place is such a small way that I can express my love and gratitude to Him. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

We attend three hours of meetings each Sunday. One hour is for Sunday School classes. Another hour is for women, men, youth, and children to attend their separate meetings. (Women attend Relief Society, men and young men attend priesthood meeting, teenage girls attend Young Women, and children go to nursery or Primary.) The most important meeting of our Sabbath day is sacrament meeting. We meet as a congregation (including families and children) to sing hymns, pray, listen to a few speakers from the ward, and take the Lord's sacrament. This is prepared bread and water which is blessed and passed by priesthood holders to those who would like to partake. It reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us. Through the sacrament prayers we are reminded that we are to bear one another's burdens as members of the church, that we will always remember the Savior and keep His commandments, and He promises to bless us with His Spirit as we do these things. Visitors are welcome at any of our church meetings each week. You can find a meetinghouse near you and the times the wards meet on Mormon.org. To Sunday meetings, women wear dresses or skirts and men wear a shirt and tie to show our respect for the Lord when we are meeting in His name in the chapel. There are also once-weekly casual youth meetings on a weeknight where teenagers can socialize, learn the gospel, and do service. Show more Show less