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Hi I'm Albert

I ride bikes and study Graphic Design, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Hey everyone! I am Albert. I am 25 yrs. old from Northern Utah. I love people and I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I served an LDS Mission at the age of 19 in Florida speaking Spanish. Oh how I love the latin people! I am currently enrolled at the local University studying Graphic Design with a minor in Spanish. My hobbies are (in priority): Mountain Biking/Chillin' with friends/Dancing/Aggressive Inline Skating/Watersports/Random things, etc. I'm workin' on the whole dating thing and enjoying life as much as possible. Being a sponsored athlete takes some time but is great fun!

Why I am a Mormon

If you're reading this, then you'd wonder I guess why I'm a Mormon. I am because I choose to be. In fact, it is my whole world. At the base of everything I think about, do, talk about and think are my beliefs. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation that holds my life up. I was raised Mormon, as were my siblings, but I am the first to stay completely active and serve a mission. I have a firm conviction of the reality of the life and mission of the Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He provided the way for us to return and live with Him again through His great atoning sacrifice. I know that He is the Savior of each of us personally, of me, of you, and of all who have walked this earth. I know He lives and watches out for us. I know that He was sent to us from our Loving Father in Heaven, whom we know as God. He is the eternal Father of our Spirits and loves us in a way we cannot comprehend. I love both of them, and strive to please them and serve them by serving their children. Sometimes as a human being I lose sight of this and have to re-evaluate. It is never too late to change your life for the better. This is something we commonly forget. I know that our Father in Heaven has sent us living Prophets on the earth once again, like unto Moses, Noah, and Abraham of old. The Savior Jesus Christ restored His true Church upon the earth once again through His chosen servant Joseph Smith. The Priesthood authority to baptize (John the Baptist) and confirm the Gift of the Holy Ghost (Paul) and seal through this power (Elijah) has also been restored to the earth through Joseph Smith, and that those keys are held in our day through the living Seer and chosen Prophet for our time, President Thomas S. Monson. If you listen to and apply what he teaches, you will know as I do that he is indeed a chosen servant of the Lord. I know the scriptures teach us true principles and help us understand the nature of God and grow close to Him. I know He loves us and is near to us. I know the Book of Mormon stands as another testament of the Savior Jesus Christ just as the Bible. Once again, read and apply its teachings and you too will come to know of it's divinity and reality as I do. I love this Gospel with all of my heart.

How I live my faith

I love to serve in my local congregation as I am allowed and blessed with opportunities to do so. I have served in leadership positions to help my fellow young men in growing closer to Jesus Christ. Currently I help with a group of Young Single Adults in having activities weekly, simulating a family for "Family Home Evenings". This is a great resource for keeping love strong in the family, but also works great for helping single adults come together to find strength in each other. I love to work with youth, and worked as a counselor at the "Especially for Youth" program this summer at EFY. I love to and am humbled to serve as a holder of the Holy Priesthood in assisting with the blessing of fellow children of God. I am honored for chances to serve, and love to serve in anyway possible. There are so many lives that we can touch if we just reach out.

What is the priesthood?

The Priesthood is the power of God that He allows men on earth to use to bless the lives of His children. This is the power that was used by John the Baptist to baptize in Jordan, by Jesus Christ to ordain His apostles and found His church on the earth, and by Paul to bestow upon members the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Each Prophet that the Lord has called throughout time holds the "keys" or different functions of the Priesthood in order to govern the Church of Jesus Christ here upon the earth. Young men starting at the age of 12 may receive the lower or Aaronic Priesthood, which prepares them for the greater or Melchizedek Priesthood. Both have unique functions. The Aaronic allows members to serve through administering the sacrament each week, visiting and looking after fellow members of the Church, and baptizing. The greater or Melchizedek Priesthood includes ordaining to other Priesthood offices, conferring the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and administering blessings to the sick and afflicted, amongst other things. The fact that our Heavenly Father has allowed this Priesthood power to be restored in fulness though His Church (The Church of His Son, Jesus Christ) is a merciful and loving indication of how much we mean to Him and how He wants to bless us as well as how much He trusts us. It is truly humbling to know that He would allow me to serve Him though access to this power as I live worthily according to His commandments to join HIm and Jesus Christ in their mission to bring the children of God back to their Father in Heaven. Show more Show less