What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Carson!

I come from a military family. I was raised in the Church. I'm a husband, father, soldier, and a Mormon.

About Me

I was adopted from Mexico when I was just a few days old. I have never lived in my native country, nor have I ever practiced the cultural aspects of my hertitage. I am an American through and through. I am the oldest of 5, all of whom are adopted, though not from the same biological families. My father was in the Army, so we moved around alot growing up, living in many different countries. He finally moved to Pennsylvania where he eventually retired, and that's where I met the beautiful young lady who would one day become my bride. I joined the Army shortly after getting married, and through the benefits it gave me I was able to provide for my growing family, which has now swelled to 6 in total. I have two boys and two girls going in BGBG order. I have gotten out of Active Duty, but decided to continue serving in the National Guard in order to take advantage of their educational opportunities. As long as I keep on track, I should graduate in 2014.  

Why I am a Mormon

My father was raised in the Church, my mother converted while she was serving in the military. I was taught about the Gospel from my earliest days and was baptized when I turned 8, as most Mormon children are. Things in my life got really shaky in my teenage years, and eventually I fell away from the church, chosing instead to associate with people and things that I knew were wrong or at least contrary to the teachings of the Church. Eventually, I found my way back and have never turned away since. Through it all, I never lost my testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. I always knew the Church was true, I simply chose to go my own way. I am grateful to have that knowledge and testimony, it has seen me through many trials, to include two deployments and the loss of loved ones. The Lord's Plan of Happiness gives me the strength to move forward in faith, knowing that He is the architect of my life and His love for me will never falter.  This church is the ONLY church to have the fulness of HIs gospel and the only one with the power of heaven on earth, the Priesthood. We have a living Prophet who talks with Heavenly Father and tells us His will for us today. Marriage is an eternal principal for us, not just until death parts us, and because of this we know that families can be together for forever. I know that all of these things are elements of our Heavenly Father's plan, that He knows and loves each and every one of us and wants us to return to Him. He has provided the way, has sent His only begotten Son to atone for our sins so that if we take advantage of the repentence process, we can stand before Him clean and pure. I know these things are true, and I so testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

How I live my faith

I try to do my best every day to live my life the way the Savior would. The best way I can show my love for Him is to follow HIs commandmants and be a living example to the world of His goodness. I also choose to live my faith by serving in every capacity to which I am called to serve. I have been a Sunday School teacher, for which I am ever grateful and have held many different positions within the church throughout the years. I also like to serve by assisting the missionaries with their transportation needs or going with them on visits to member's and investigator's homes. 

What is the priesthood?

 The Priesthood is literally the power of God, the power to performs acts in His name. Anything done through righteous Priesthood authority might as well have been done by the Lord himself. Some things that require the Priesthood would be performing baptisms, blessing the sacrament, giving blessings to those in need, etc. The LDS Church is the only church in the world today that can claim Priesthood authority and can trace it's priesthood lineage back to Jesus Christ.  Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

We believe that there are actually two purposes for life here on earth the first is to gain a physical body. The second is to be tested. We gain a physical body so that we can experience life in a way that allows us to use our agency the right to make choices for ourselves. Through our choices, we show our Heavenly Father our willingness to follow his commandments or to do things our own way. Our Father knew that we would struggle and make wrong choices along the way, so He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to atone for our sins. In this way, when we fall short and make mistakes, we can go through the repentence process and move forward being clean and untainted from sin. In the end, the final goal is to be worthy to live with our Heavenly Father after we die. That is what we as Mormons strive to achieve by living the way we do. Show more Show less