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Hi I'm Nicholas

I grew up in a large family, I Love Playing Sports, Being Outdoors and....I'm a Mormon.

About Me

One of the passions I have is the outdoors, I love being able to be around nature whatever it is hunting, shooting, hiking, camping, dirt bike ridding. I come from a big family I have 7 sibling my sister and I are in the middle four boys and four girls. Growing up I was pretty nerdy I loved playing on the computer I would say 1/4 of my leisure time was spent playing games and doing other fun things on computer. My friends and I would link up and play WC3 and other games then we play Halo Smash Bros etc. The another 1/4 was spending time with friends doing random spontaneous things paintball, air-soft, basketball, football, wrestling and other sports. Another 1/4 was spent working out I would go with friends and work out about 3-4 times a week. I love the feeling of it and being able to see the improvement in strength and endurance. Working out is a challenge that I enjoy and I would always feel better after wards. Currently I am serving a mission for 2 years all these things I did were great a brought joy but what I am doing know cant compare. I am almost done it was above all the greatest decision I have ever made. I have felt true ever lasting joy serving a mission the relationship and people I have met are priceless. The experience I have gained are amazing, I learned so much about my Heavenly Father and being able to recognize weaknesses I have had many sacred moments on my mission that I'm grateful for.

Why I am a Mormon

I am currently a Mormon for the simple fact that it has lead me to truth. I was always a member of the church but I went in-active in my teenage years and lost a relationship with God that I had when I was younger. During this time the choices I made brought much grief and sadness and I always felt a weight and guilt in my life. It was pretty much just living without any sense of direction or care. I was miserable and I started to wonder if God was really there. One day I decided I wanted to know if God was there so I took somethings that I remembered being taught to action one of which was pray and reading of the scriptures.. I felt like if I read the Book of Mormon I would know if what I was taught was true and if it would lead me to God hoping that it would.. I read and prayed everyday I didn't receive much of a changed right away but weeks of time I no longer doubted I believed God was there, then doubt started become knowledge. I ask God many questions through prayer when I read from The Book of Mormon i would receive the answers. My best friend he went on his mission and made we wonder things like why he went on a mission It made me want to know for myself If the church was true I received encouragement from him to find out. I also received many answers by listening to the Modern prophets and apostles there talks were so powerful and so true it gave me a lot of peace and understanding. Miracles began to happen daily I sincerely felt weight and guilt lifted, above all this I felt feelings of Gods love and presence through powerful feelings which burned within my heart. I was no longer scared I had purpose I felt I was a child of God and that he loved me. Little things that went wrong no longer mattered all that mattered is what God thought of me and that to me was such a important feeling every aspect in my life got better. I began to feel free from burdens it changed everything relationships improved with family and friends. The Book of Mormon gave me power to make righteous choices in my life. Then I knew all this knowledge and love made me want to share it with others I felt a desire I shared it with everyone! like I said little things didn't mater what others thought didn't matter. God and doing the right thing is all that mattered. I then decided shortly after to serve a mission I felt the need and desire too.. I felt God did all this for me two years is nothing to give.. Now the Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to my life its the only way to be truly happy. I have had sacred experience that I have had from being a servant of the Lord. The foundation of my knowledge of knowing this is true is that I know the Book of Mormon is true it changed my life and let me know not believe or think but know that Jesus is my savior. I promise and let anyone know that they can know the same, by reading and praying to God our Father about it and seeing if its true. I know the Church is true because of this and my experiences in my life. Anyone who wants can know the same.

How I live my faith

I love the gospel it has help me grow and to help me strength my relationships with others and strengthen my weaknesses. I have been serving a mission like I said before what I do is try to strengthen others by showing them the source of joy which is Jesus Christ we spend all our time and attention doing this. We also try to do at least 4 hours of service a week cleaning, food banks, yard work, moving people etc. I think by serving others it brings more joy to me than I think it has for others. It takes a lot of work to follow Christ I am far from perfect but when I am trying my very best to apply what I learned and do all that I can everything works out for the good and its the only time I feel truly happy.