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Hi I'm Coulson

I am a very sociel person, I love meeting new people, and Maple Syrup is my comfort food, Im a Mormon

About Me

I was borne and raised in Idaho, I have 4 older sisters and yes I'm the only boy, and I love it. When people meet me for the first time they say your really tall. I dont feel big until I get in the back seat of a car or, get into bed at night and my feet hang off the end 6 inches, Im 6'5" 290lbs, they just dont make things big enough. Everyone asks me do you play football? I'll get this out of the way now No! I didnt play in high school and I dont really like competitive sports. You ask why? They say if I was your size I would have dominated in sports, Well you should have ate your vegtables. I'm not very courdinated and very accident prone, I have had 3 ACL knee surgerys two on one leg and one on the other, I have a bone graft, and screws in my ankle, If you ask my family they will tell you that I ruined all there bicycles and 4 of my own. I love snowboarding and I use too long board (never again). All my family says I'm a big Teddy Bear. What do I like to do? I love spending time with my family and hanging out with my sisters. Right now I'm living in Pennsylvania for the next 2 years serving as a missionary. I have learned spanish. I love people, I talk to everyone whether I know them or not. I have three great brother inlaws, and 10 neices and nephews which I love so much. My parents because of them and there sacrifices for me I'm still alive and have not served time in jail, I love life and I'm so grateful for the experiences in my life that has made me who I am.

Why I am a Mormon

Well I was born to parents that are of the LDS faith, when I was 8yrs old I was babtized into the church, I attended church every week growing up, so I learned the teachings of Jesus. By the time I was 16 I wanted nothing to do with the church or God. While living with my parents I was required to attend church, so I did so until I graduated from high school. I was finally free to spread my wings, I learned alot and I was happy, but I felt something missing a hole inside of me.Then unexpectedly I tore my knee out again, I had no other choice then to move back home to heal after surgery. I watched alot of TV at first and read a few novels then I got bored. I wanted to find out If what I was taught growing up was true, or false, because I wanted to know if the church life style was right for me, or if I wanted something diffrent. I decided to start reading the Book of Mormon from the begining. I was enjoying the story of it. I was reading one night at like 2 in the morning in 3Nephi. When the spirit hit me, what I read went to my heart. I felt I needed to talk to my Heavenly Father and that it had been to long, So I got down on my knees and prayed. I was completley consumed by the Holy Ghost and that was the first time I had fealt God in my life and from then on I really knew God loved me. Me and God talked for along time that night and I learned that prayer was a two way street, and that god will answer you if you ask with real intent, and you do your part by reading and studing the scriptures. The gospel of Jesus christ filled that hole inside of me, That night I fealt true joy for the first time in my life and I wanted more.

How I live my faith

How do I live my faith? I do that by starting my morning off with prayer everyday and by reading the scripures for an hour. By doing this I start thinking more like Jesus and want to follow him more closley, my desire to listen to the radio, watch TV, that doesn't bring me closer to christ is lessoned, and I want to serve people, and brighten someones day more, or to use nicer words and smile more.Every decision I make throughout the day I try to think if jesus was standing beside me would I do it. Yes I am still temped by alot of things, so when bad thoughts enter my head I sing church hymns, or say a prayer in my heart for strenth. This life is one big practice of trial and error, so I hope by the end of my life I will be ready to stand before God, and he will say well done. Every night before bed I get on my hands and knees and thank God for all I was blessed with, and ask him to help me do better the next day.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

My testimony is made of many things, all the times that I have sinned and messed up, and needed to repent all the things I have learned are true by doing and asking. My testimony is a diary of my experiences in my life, and how I know that these things are true are by asking God. Show more Show less