Pam: canadian, mother, crocheter, convert, nature lover, abuse survivor, Mormon.

Hi I'm Pam

About Me

I am a 62 year old mother of 4, grown and flown, but one returned to the nest in 2008 to consider future options. My retired husband works full-time at a large store and loves it. Due to health issues I am unable to work but get up to mischief in other ways. We live in a small Branch surrounded by wilderness and I enjoy crocheting or reading while my husband or daughter is out walking our small dog in fields by the lake or in the parks here. My window on the world is often through TV or the computer or factual books as my physical abilities become more limited but I still enjoy driving our car. I also enjoy movies, reading, crocheting, crafting, letter writing, writing fiction, listening to music of all types and helping others wherever I can.

Why I am a Mormon

I know this is the true Church of Jesus Christ. This knowledge was imparted to me by the Holy Spirit of God in 1977. Over 30 years ago, in a large city, I was sharing an apartment with my brother while he went to college and I worked. Wanting to attend a church regularly we discussed our options. The thought came up at one point, "Wouldn't it be neat if the church Jesus originally set up actually existed on the earth now?" We dismissed this as a dream but impossible. Within two weeks of this conversation missionaries arrived at our door. I was alone, so they did not come in but shared their message standing in the doorway. They set up an appointment to return when my brother was home. Skeptical when I told him, he nonetheless listened with me while they presented the discussions over a series of appointments with us. One evening he came out from his bedroom excited over having read of the amazing events that occurred on this continent at the time of the Savior's birth and later at the time of the Savior's visit to the Americas shortly after his death in Jerusalem. This was the beginning of our excitement over the Book of Mormon and the amazing histories it contains. I continue to follow Jesus Christ to this day, as does my brother. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that Jesus Christ lives. I know that God exists. He has saved my life many times. I know this is the one true Church of Jesus Christ upon the face of the whole earth. It is precious beyond any earthly treasures to me; it gives me a personal rock of security and certainty to stand on no matter where I go in this life. While the world whirls, following whatever it chooses, I can stand still and feel calm. I know that I am home, that God loves and guides me. I have never found anything in the world to equal the peace and blessings I have found since joining the Church.

Personal Stories

Could you talk about your baptism?

I am quite afraid of water so I was very frightened of being baptized by immersion. However I knew the Church was true, and I trusted God enough to go forwards with it. I knew I had to join the Church, I felt it within my heart and mind and soul that this was the next step in my life and I would not let a phobia stop me. My baptism and my brother's occurred the same evening. It went fine, the water was warm in the baptismal font and I felt great relief to emerge unscathed and to then change back into my dry clothes from the white baptismal gown I had been given for the baptism. Likewise due to past life experiences I was unsure about receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. I did not understand fully what it meant and was worried I might be taken over by some outside force. Of course the Holy Ghost does not work that way. Again, my determination to go forwards, my testimony, my knowledge that this is the true Church of God, propelled me forwards and the elders laid their hands upon my head to bestow upon me the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The members were all warm and welcoming and since that day I have come to highly value the guidance, inspiration, encouragement and enlightenment the Holy Ghost has imparted to me. He is a superb companion, invaluable in this life for separating truth from error. I have never regretted my decision to be baptized and to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost. These have been tremendous positives in my life. I felt as I came up out of the water that a door had come down between me and my past and that I was starting anew from that moment. I truly feel I have.

How I live my faith

I have helped organize and decorate many Church activities over the years, like dances for our youth and picnics for everyone and Christmas parties. I sometimes am asked to organize games at these activities. I've participated in service projects as well, including one year of painting Christmas murals at the local hospital for the seniors living there. I have directed several musical skits for our Church talent shows, involving costumes, puppets and a lot of energy and humor. As my health now limits my capacities I serve more with ideas and being the supervisor than physically helping out, though I do as much as I can. I monthly write letters to three female church members who do not attend Church due to living in fly-in communities (no roads to the outside world). When asked to, I conduct the singing during Church services, say opening or closing prayers during our Church service or give short talks or sermons. We all take turns at doing this in our Church, at the direction of our ecclesiastical leaders. Sometimes I am a substitute teacher for adult or child Sunday School lessons. In the past I was a regular teacher in both these areas. In our community I support the animal shelter and Food Bank and other local concerns, like the Hospital Equipment Fund, as time, money and energy allow me to. I enjoy writing letters to our Armed Forces personnel overseas, supporting them and I crochet blanket squares for Aids orphans in South Africa.