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Hi I'm Charlie Talakai Fahina

I'm Tongan. I love playing sports and having fun. I'm always smiling and I love to laugh..at you. just kidding and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 22, Tongan descendant, and I love to play sports. I had learned many morals playing sports and listening to my coaches, in which it helped me get through some trialing times of my life. But what helped the me the most to get through my trials in life was the relationship I was building with God and Jesus Christ in hopes of figuring why we must suffer. I am the oldest of 7A kids. My parents were involved in very unhealthy Us children were blessed though with loving family members that were there by our side when we needed somewhere to stay, or needed food to eat, or other personal needs. My dad had past away when I was 13 and at the time we were not living with my mom. She was in and out of jail and was still trying to overcome some of her addictions. After the passing away of my father, my mothers addictions worsened, and it was hard for my mom to take care of all of us. Because there were so many of us, some of us were seperated to different families but luckily it was within our family so we were able to continue to see each other and keep in touch. We all do still keep in touch to this day. Not living in a home with strong parents was rough at times and I remember telling myself it wasn't fair. But with the love and support of family I was taught to trust in God. As I grew up and continued to build my relationship with God and Jesus Christ I began to take a different view and realized that these experiences had made me stronger and have helped me through my trials.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints when I was 9 and I have enjoyed being a member eversince. Growing up in the church since then has been a great learning experience. The church has many activities that are family oriented. Being together with friends and family helped me strengthen my love for my family as well as the importance of families. But more than just the activities, I would have to say the thing that I enjoy the most is the joy I receive as I learn more about God and Jesus Christ and His Gospel and how to grow closer to him. Throughout my trials in my life, the church teaches me so much about why I need to rely on my Savior and more importantly HOW I can rely on Him more. Throughout these experiences I have felt an abundunce of the Lords love and Spirit. It wasn't always easy though. To be honest throughout my trials I would sometimes doubt and tell myself "why me? Why my family?". But for some reason I would come running back to the truths that I was taught in this church. I needed to trust in the Lord and especially to trust in his teachings. I learned early in my life that If I just trusted in the Lord, and did what he had taught through the scriptures and His servants the prophets, that I would be happy. Well you know what it worked. It did. Jesus Christ's ministry here on earth was a great example for each and every one of us. Besides His sacrifice in the end, His life was a great example of how we should live our life. He promised all he taught that if we were to follow him and live His commandments that they would be happy and would one day return to live with him. His Gospel teaches us to trust in him to the point where we follow his ways and enter into a covenant relationship with him and there he promises us blessings. I am a mormon because I love God, this is His church, and because of this church I know what I need to do to be happy on this earth and one day return and live with him again with all my family.

How I live my faith

There are many ways I live my faith of being a mormon. As of right now I am serving as a missionary in Oakland, California striving to share the Lords gospel to all the people here in the Bay Area. Serving a mission has helped me so much to live my faith even more in my life. I am called by a prophet of God, as all other missionaries in the church are, and I'm "expected to devote all my time and attention serving the Lord, leaving behind all personal affairs." for 2 years. I put college aside as well as marriage and any other personal affairs and devote these 2 years to serving the Lord in hopes of helping all His children come closer to him. This service is not forced upon me but is something I want to do, voluntary work you might say. I have been so blessed in my life from this gospel and continue to receive blessings today, and all these blessings come from living the truths and principles we learn from God. I read his words, the bible as well as the Book of Mormon, which is another testament of Christ. I attend Church services, activites, and temple sessions inside the temple. I pray often. All these things have been given to us to draw closer to God and I know that it really does work from personl experience. Living these gospel truths from personal experience is not hard, It may be demanding, but not hard. And in the end " ITS ALL WORTH It." All these things have helped me gain a stronger love for God and for others as well, to the point where I want everyone to feel this joy, this happiness, this peace, and love from living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These experiences are real and I know that everyone can have these similar experiences. God loves you, Jesus Christ Died for you and has made it possible for you to be happy here in this life and the life to come. I am a Mormon.

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

Charlie Talakai Fahina
A missionary's whole purpose is to "Invite others to come unto Christ..". Missionaries share a message about Jesus Christ and His atonement for all of us. They teach about our Heavenly Father’s great plan of salvation, which allows all people the opportunity to return to Him. As you allow the missionaries to enter into your home their main goal is to help you come closer to God and Jesus Christ. I can promise you that as you meet with the missionaries you will feel a differenct spirit. A good spirit. Maybe something you may have not felt before, but you will feel different in a good way. Of course they will ask you to read "the Book of Mormon" and come to church, but these things help you to come closer to Christ. More importantly they will ask you to pray to God and ask him to know if the message they share is true. You don't have to take the missionaries word for it, You can pray to Heavenly Father and he will let you know through your thoughts and your feelings that what the missionaries share are true. The missionaries want you to know for yourself that these things are true, just like they did for themselves. They will also help you to recognize the holy spirit, and answers to your prayers. All in all I can promise you that you will find great joy in the message the missionaries share. I speak from experience. Show more Show less