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Hi I'm Blair

I'm a husband, father, and grandfather. I'm a business owner and I love my country, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the oldest of 8 children, born to loving parents. The examples of my parents and grandparents has been a constant source of strength to me. We were involved in sports and fun--there is always fun in a big family. We are close today and I count my brothers and sisters among my closest of friends. In 1980 I served a two-year mission for the Church in Peru. It was during this mission, among a people I came to love and appreciate, that the teachings of my youth began to make sense to me. I felt the Holy Ghost testify in my heart and mind that God is my Father, and that He provided me agency in this life, so that He would be glorified when I was obedient. Sadly, there were times in my young life when I hadn't made the best choices. I also came to understand that my Heavenly Father provided me a way to feel clean and approved of by Him again. The way is through repentance made possible by Jesus Christ's atonement for our sins. Following my mission service I enrolled at the university, graduating with a degree in Business Administration/Finance. I worked as a credit analyst and commercial lending officer before entering a family business in 1990. My wife and I have 5 children. My family's motto is "some assembly required." We are an adoption family and understand that, even though we are different from a lot of others, God is mindful of our desire to have a family and to share in the joy of family life. We enjoy family time!!

Why I am a Mormon

I was born to Latter-day Saint parents who lived their religion fully. Theirs are wonderful examples of Christ-like lives. I was baptized when 8 years of age, wanting to show my love to my Savior by taking upon me His name and vowing to always remember Him. The real question is why am I still a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Simply put, I am a member because of the spiritual witness I have that our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, two separate individuals, revealed themselves to the boy-prophet Joseph Smith. I have seen where Joseph lived, where taught and served others, and where he was martyred. I have read, pondered, and prayed over The Book of Mormon and know that it is a true book, proving the divinity of Jesus Christ. To his last breath Joseph Smith lived as he testified, that he had seen The Father and The Son. I have had sufficient witnesses, borne of the Holy Ghost, that confirm this truth to me. All other doctrines of the Church are strengthened by this one central fact--the heavens were re-opened and the full gospel of Jesus Christ is upon the earth today. He is our Savior and Redeemer. He offered His atoning blood on our behalf. This testimony is why I continue. Because I know it to be true, and I know that God knows that I know. 

How I live my faith

I live my faith by being true to my wife and children, by placing them above other interests and pursuits. I live my faith by serving my family and others in the community and in the Church. I live it by encouraging others to accept Christ in their lives. I live my faith by keeping the commandments and by striving to change and improve as neccessary. My faith is in Jesus Christ, and His gospel. I try to live my beliefs by striving to live as He lived, and to do as He did, and to become like unto Him--by drawing near to Him in prayer and study, by considering my ways, and by repenting as I need to. I know He is my Savior, and that He provides the only way back to God.

Are Mormons Christians?

Simply put, Mormon's ARE Christians. There is and can be no other answer. Christ is our Advocate with the Father He offered the Great and Last Sacrifice. He is our personal Savior and Redeemer and helps fallen man become congruent with our Heavenly Father again. Latter-day Saints are shunned and criticized because they do not believe in the Nicean Creed that protestant churches accept. And while even protestant churches do not all believe in the same Godhead or Trinity, our beliefs are concrete--we believe in God, the Eternal Father, in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. We believe that they are three distinct personages, the Father and the Son having glorified bodies of flesh and bone, while the Holy Ghost is a personage of spirit. Our belief is in Christ our Savior, that He came in the meridian of time to Palestine. That He taught us by example, that He suffered, bled, and died FOR US. We believe that He rose on the third day and appeared to many as a testimony of His atonement and resurrection. We know that He appeared in the Americas to native believers, showing the prints in His hands and feet as a witness of who He was and what He had done for them. And we believe that in these last days He appeared with The Father before the boy prophet Joseph Smith. Show more Show less