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Hi I'm Nolan

As a father of 6, my family was my greatest satisfaction. As a grandfather, my family STILL is and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Having passed the age of 60, I have much to look back on. The world I experienced as a youth is radically different from the world my grandchildren share with me today. I spent my childhood in small towns of Idaho, Utah and Colorado. Roads were usually dusty, summers were not air conditioned, winter snows were over my head, and the greatest invention of the age (television) had just arrived. I have always loved learning- from grade school through college, and from comics through encyclopedias. Books are good friends. I collect them. Music is one of my mistresses as well. Classical vocal (including opera) and acoustic Folk are my favorite genre's. My favorite composers are probably, Copeland, Mahler, and Wagner. Although I have not traveled abroad, I have lived in many places in the United States, from Florida on the Atlantic sea coast through West Virginia, Ohio, and Oklahoma to the high deserts and mountains of Colorado and Utah. I have lived as an urban cities; but feel most at home in empty spaces and rural places.

Why I am a Mormon

I have good parents who taught by example what it means to be a Latter-day Saint; and I am proud of having a strong Mormon heritage. In spite of that, I was also taught to ask questions and to seek for truth in the avenues of history and science as well as the Bible and the Book of Mormon. However, as a young man, I was more conversant with henry David Thoreau, William James, and C.S. Lewis than Matthew or Mosiah; but I heard constant echoes of my Primary and Seminary Gospel teachings in the thoughtful writings of such great men. Wherever I looked, my young faith was bolstered by what I saw and read. In college I took an introductory class in philosophy and realized that men in all ages have struggled to understand who they were and what life is really about. Their answers were disparate and their reasoning circuitous and unconvincing. I appreciated their efforts, but felt a need for greater clarity. I asked God for a miracle- an angel or a vision- to confirm the truth of my parent's faith so that I could speak my own witness of the Gospel. I received no angelic visitor nor vision: but I did receive a witness that sunk deep and anchored my soul. It was, simply, that I already had a testimony. As one of the luck few who has been raised from infancy in the Gospel, I needed no angel. The witness I sought has always been mine. My understanding continues to grow, line upon line, day after day; but all I learn is anchored in the knowledge that I am a child of God, the Eternal Father. He sent me here. My life has purpose- even when it is hidden from my immediate view. My questions always find answers, eventually, in holding fast to that witness. Jesus Christ is my redeemer, my Master, and my brother. As I follow him, I know He will lead me back to my heavenly home and my heavenly family.

How I live my faith

Honesty is always the right choice. As one who desires to be liked, and who hates to be wrong, being honest requires my attention and effort. As a business owner, I go out of my way to assure my customers are treated fairly- sometimes at my own expense. I have had some sort of responsibility at Church throughout my adult life. I have taught adult and youth classes, sung in choirs, participated in volunteer service projects, served in Cub and Boy Scouts, visited regularly in the homes of my Gospel brothers, served on committees and in presidencies. Occasionally, it seems my whole life revolves around my Church schedule. I make a serious effort to have friends at work and to know my neighbors. Through the years, some of my best friends have been Catholic- partly, I suspect, because they share my family values. I encourage my non-Mormon friends in their own church activities.