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Hi I'm Aryana

Swing dancing, board games, dungeons and dragons, and reading a book. I do all of it with my husband because I value family most.

About Me

I'm recently married to a wonderful man who was first my friend, then my best friend, and now my eternal companion. We fell in love swing dancing together and enjoy reading books out loud to one another. He is my greatest support and my favorite person to be with. I'm the eldest in my family and love being the big sister. Even though we aren't living in the same city I talk with my siblings weekly. I enjoy hearing about their lives, what they are doing, and their goals and ambitions. We often relive funny moments and tell each other inside jokes. We bond over things like Avatar: The Last Airbender or Dungeons and Dragons. We are a nerdy family. When I was little my dad "trained" me to tell people that when I grew up I would study Quantum Physics. When I turned 8 I watched the movie October Sky and decided I wanted to be an Astronaut! Then one day I decided that as big as that dream was (and I would still love to do it) I wanted to do something that would allow me to be a full-time mom. During my mission I realized that I wanted to help people use their inherent strengths to overcome mental illness and addictions. I recently finished a post-degree diploma that covered mental health and addictions. I now look for ways to use my skills to help people recognize their eternal worth and choose to live a joyful life.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Latter-day Saint because I am converted to Christ. I love Him. He is my personal Savior. I grew up in a Mormon home. My parents taught me and my family the gospel. I went to Church regularly and I attended an early-morning scripture study class. I don't remember a specific time that I really started believing on my own - it grew over time. My testimony is founded on Jesus Christ, and I have learned about Him through the Book of Mormon. I know that the Restored Gospel is His gospel and that this is His Church because the Book of Mormon is true. The best way to know something is true is to pray about it with a sincere desire to know the answer, and then to live it and see how you feel when you live it - that's how I know.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by communicating with God every day. It is such a privilege to talk with our Heavenly Father whenever we want to. I also study the scriptures - The Book of Mormon and the Bible - so that I can know what Heavenly Father wants me to do. I live my faith by trying to be like my Savior and developing Christ-like attributes. Another thing that I do is try to prioritize my family time. Since families are central to Gods plan for us I try to serve my family and spend quality time with them.

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

We believe that the only way to enter into God's Kingdom and to live with our Heavenly Father again is through receiving Baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost. We also believe that these ordinances must be performed but someone who has the correct and right authority from God. Now we know that the Church hasn't always been upon the earth. And I'm sure you can think of situations where someone may not have heard of the gospel. Would it be fair if your best friend, or your mom, never got to hear the gospel and have the opportunity to be baptized? Of course not! That's why we do proxy baptisms. Heavenly Father wants ALL of His children home with Him. That's why we do proxy baptisms, so that everyone can have the opportunity to enter into God's kingdom. Once a proxy baptism is performed, that individual who has passed away get's to choose whether or not they accept it - so it's still their choice, we're just making that choice possible for them. Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Of course we are! We believe in Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus Christ is our Savior and atoned for the sins of everyone on the Earth. We believe that He is the Son of God, the Redeemer of all mankind. In fact, we believe this SO much that it's in the name of our Church The Church of *Jesus Christ* of Latter-day Saints. I know that Christ lives, and I know that I'm a Christian. Show more Show less