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Hi I'm Rock

I'm a entrepreneur, a film Minor, a business/pre-dental Major. I'm a Musician, a brother, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm the oldest Brother of 4 siblings. I moved around the country growing up, while my dad was going back to school. I grew up on the west and east coast. I have loved swimming especially in the ocean ever since i can remember. i was a state qualifying swimmer when i was 17. I ran a marathon when I was 18. I started writing my own music when i was 13. i play the guitar piano and stand up bass and i sing. I love playing gigs. I want a steady job, so I'm striving to be a future Orthodontist/ entrepreneur. 

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon because I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is true. I know this, because I prayed to God asking if it was or not and He showed me that it was. The way he showed me isn't what some people with lesser insight on the matter would expect. It was an indescribable feeling. Powerful and undeniable. In that moment I just knew. the story behind it is different also to most people. I was raised as a Member of this church. while my parents taught me values that would make me happy, I still had my own mind. I still decided and chose for myself what i believed to be right and wrong. After years of being a member of the church, but growing up in communities where i was literally one of the only people that shared my families beliefs, i couldn't deny the principles the church taught. I watched as my family was strengthened and grew close; shared love and was happy while I couldn't say the same for the people i knew who lived without the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. i watched as families and marriages dissolved, watched as my friends all young at the time struggled with things like drugs and alcohol and inter family problems that seemed to drain happiness out of their lives. These things I knew from experience. but I didn't know If the doctrines were true. As a younger boy, I came to the conclusion after careful thought and consideration, that quite literally no-one can know if they are true IF they do not read the book of mormon and pray. if it was true, then I would receive an answer to my prayer. if not then the opposite. But I had to know what was an answer. I had grown up knowing that the spirit of the lord tells us things most the time through strong feelings. these feelings we interpret in our own minds and hearts to understand what the lord is trying to show us. that is partly what the scriptures mean when they say the spirit can speak to all men. So one day i went into my room alone without telling anyone, I read the book of mormon, like it invites all to do, and i prayed. I had to believe that if God was out there, then he would answer. I testify that i did receive an answer. something beyond my power and full comprehension did answer me. it was as if in response to the inquiry of "if the church was true and if Joseph smith was a prophet" I more felt rather than heard a voice say yes. I felt a warm sensation encompass me. As if my minds eye had opened just a little, as if my understanding was deepened and with that powerful sensation I knew that The Church of Jesus Christ was restored upon the earth. That Joseph Smith was the Prophet God had called to bring about this restoration, and that a Prophet of God is on the Earth today. I knew that. And I know that. Everyday the Lord Shows me just a little more. He brings into my life happiness, and Joy incomprehensible. These Things I KNOW.

How I live my faith

When I see someone in needs of any-kind I share what i can to help them better themselves. i am a part of a few service groups: one in particular that help children whose families are destitute called AZ Brain-food, have something to eat everyday, another being that i promote mothers all across america and good values and motherhood, part of the program American Mothers. I have served a mission providing much service to several cities and communities in Brazil. Most of my time was spent teaching Families Values based off the Teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and other times I helped in times of natural disasters and providing service for hospitals and other people, raising those i see up, and living the Christ like sermon: mourning with those who mourn and comforting those who stand in need of comfort.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Missionaries Do this so spread to everyone they know, That they know That Christ's Church is on the earth. They Do what they do so they can teach people Gods plan of happiness for His Children that we may be happy. They serve selflessly like they do so that they can stand as a witness of the lord and savior jesus christ, or in other words Share with others that they know he lives and that all can know that Christ lives and that his church is here on earth with all the principles and all the doctrines of salvation, this all can know by praying for themselves asking God if it is true and it is the missionaries message that God will answer and testify to all who seek with pure intent. Show more Show less