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Hi I'm Scott

I’m a designer, a dreamer, and a dad. I’m a handyman and a husband. I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I live in Florida where I work as an Industrial Designer. Why is a vehicle, appliance, or tool a certain shape? How did the everyday objects we use in the modern world come to be? This curiosity has led me to enjoy the satisfaction, and sometimes frustration, of creating things. I love the idea of recombining materials and ideas into new objects, processes, and innovations which enrich our lives. I have received over eighty patents for various inventions and designs. I design and develop communication devices for Police and Firefighters. It’s an honor to take part in the creation of tools to assist those who pledge to keep us safe. It’s exhilarating to see people use products I’ve designed. The opportunity to visit many varied and interesting places has given me a glimpse into the paradox of how different, yet strikingly similar, people throughout the world can be. I have a patient and spectacular wife and three solid sons experiencing the challenging and rewarding years of high school and college. I enjoy mountain biking, backpacking, cars, and all things home improvement. I feel that the family is the most effective problem solving and nurturing entity in the world. While living in a functioning family doesn’t guarantee success I believe it is the single greatest contributor to it. Society is best served when the family serves as its fundamental building block. My parents instilled this ethos in me and, together with my wife we strive to pass it on to our children.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family with steady devotion to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. My ancestors were among the earliest Mormon pioneers in the 1800’s and played key roles in the development of the Church. I also have grandparents who found the Church in their native land of Sweden in the early part of the twentieth century and ultimately migrated to the USA. While I deeply value this heritage and recognize it as the reason I am a Mormon, it alone is not enough to sustain my testimony and belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because I have received a spiritual witness that this church is true. I am a Mormon because this church forms the framework for the restored Gospel to flourish. A Gospel re-established in its fullness through a living Prophet. I am a Mormon because a Prophet of God presides over this Church today. I am a Mormon because I am an imperfect person trying to pattern my life after the only perfect one, Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because the Gospel gives us answers to the most important questions in this life and beyond. Beyond mere answers it also offers guidance and direction for how we can best find our way. It helps us understand the grand Design of our Heavenly Father and gives us a divine perspective. It affirms the nature of God and assures us that all are able to return to Him after this life. It recognizes and has brought forth scripture, The Book of Mormon, which together with the Holy Bible offers a renewed and strengthened witness for Jesus Christ. There are many churches filled with honorable and sincere people. I respect their dedication and passion. I invite them to experience the fullness of the Gospel as it resides in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

There are many outward indicators of living one’s faith. I have served in various leadership and shepherding capacities in the Church and have grown from these experiences. Such service results in increased patience, understanding and faith. Overshadowing the outward indicators however, is the inward, day-to-day effort that one is motivated to make for personal faith. I try to remember what it truly means to be a Christian and the guidance the Lord gives us to come unto Him. Even in the workaday world the Gospel is never far from my thoughts. I strive to emulate the teachings of Jesus Christ and admittedly fall short at times. This striving though is central to my Faith. As a young missionary I shared my faith with people in Sweden. I enjoyed sharing the plain and simple truths of the Gospel and my faith grew as a result. The very process of sharing my testimony in a new language helped me strengthen it and see my faith in a new light. I am honored that my own sons continue this effort as missionaries in this generation. We strive to keep the Gospel central in our home. We study the words of the living prophets. We hold family prayer and read the scriptures. We place a high priority on making our home a safe haven from the buffetings of the world. We do this not so much to isolate or retreat but to fortify them so that when confronted with inevitable challenges to their faith they will have the tools to make proper choices. I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who provides this wonderful Gospel Design in which I can have faith. I know that He created us not as a grand experiment or curiosity, but as children in his own image with a very distinct mission and purpose. He knows who we are and will bless us as we seek to know Him. I am thankful that He sent His son Jesus Christ as our Savior. I strive to allow this testimony to inform all aspects of my life. I invite you to seek Him and His Gospel through an honest examination of the Church.