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Hi I'm Mary

I'm a true southerner born in Georgia and raised by my father. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and a friend.

About Me

All of my life I looked forward to being retired. I pictured myself doing only the things I wanted to do such as sleeping till noon, laying around the pool until dinner and staying up reading most of the night. All my time would be spent in the pursuit of my happiness. I would go and do only the things that were fun for me. Well let me tell you that life doesn't exist, but I am happier than I have been in all of my life. I have learned the true secret to happiness and it took me over 50 years to find it.

Why I am a Mormon

For many years I tried very hard to find God. I read the bible, went to church and prayed asking God to help me have the faith I needed to believe in Him. I never got a real answer. I lost what little belief I had when my mother lost her battle with lung cancer. I felt there was no God. I wasn't mad or angry , just simply He did not exist. For 17 years I would not step foot in a church. I was not to be fooled again. One fall afternoon, two LDS missionaries knocked on our door. I wanted no part of their message, but my husband listened. I saw a change in him that was truly a miracle. Eventually I listened, but only to play devil's advocate. I read "The Book of Mormon" and then immediately started reading the bible. I needed to be able to back up what I said. The more I read the more I began to feel that if God were real then I needed to know. I began to ernestly seek and to pray. My answer came thru the Holy Spirit. I learned that God was my Heavenly Father, his son was Jesus Christ, and that the Holy Spirit was here to testify of that truth. Once I knew God was real my next question was which church should I join. I was grateful to the missionaries but I wanted to join the church my family attended. I asked God for guidance. I told Him where I wanted to go but I wanted his will to be done in my life and I would wait for an answer. I attended several churches as well as the LDS church. After a few months, I fasted in hopes of receiving my answer. It did not come so I decided that maybe God wanted me to make up my own mind. I did. I told my husband that the next Sunday would be my last to visit this church: that I would be baptised else where. That Sunday as I attended church I prayed and told Heavenly Father of my decision. It was then that the Spirit bore witness to me that it was here that I was to serve. I did not know why, but I did know without doubt that this was truly the place God wanted me to serve. I knew I had a lot to learn.

How I live my faith

I have always been quiet and found it difficult to socialize. I didn't start out wanting to be involved. I thought it was enough that I should just learn.  I have had three callings in the the seven years I have been in the church and each one has given me a different insight into who Jesus wants me to become. I have learned that it is not enough just to have knowledge, that we must follow the example of Jesus Christ and serve each other. It is truly through helping my family and others that I have found great joy, peace and understanding. It is amazing to me even today, how much being a member of this church has blessed me. It has taught me the true meaning of Christ like love.