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Hi I'm Anita

I'm a Mormon. I am a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have loved every minute of it

About Me

In a couple of years I will have been married 50 years--if I live that long and I plan to! I have what I have thought of as a very interesting life. I raised four boys and they are all the love of my life--well, maybe next to my seven grandsons and ONE granddaughter. After my sons left home and went their separate ways I got interested again in genealogy, gardening, crocheting and knitting. I embroidered a memory quilt for each of my sons for their anniversaries--aimed for the weddings but it was close to their anniversary before they got them. I have learned to look at the humorous side of life and no one loves a good laugh or the giggles with the girls more than me. This past Thanksgiving I was sealed to my best friend and the other love of my life, my husband Bob. What a lovely and beautiful ceremony and our youngest son was sealed to us. We will be waiting for the other three and expect them to join the family circle someday. It is a couple years later and we have celebrated our 50th and although we didn't do anything spectacular we had a nice weekend retracing our places of our early marriage and where we raised our family in Wayne County, New York. We have had 50 years of love and loyalty to each other!

Why I am a Mormon

My conversion story has two parts to it. The actual investigation and the second the answers to something that had bothered me since early childhood. My older sister had been investigating the church and I lived in Wayne County at the time. She brought my mother and father out to attend the Hill Cummorah Pageant. My mother, my sister and myself went to the pageant on a very hot, steamy night. I had three small boys at the time and I compared the young Elders with the hippies of that time--I liked what I saw and thought ahead about 15 years where my boys would be at that time. I like a good thunderstorm--IF I am not sitting out in it! That night the storm began--this was before the pageant was to begin. We covered ourselves with blankets and whatever we had--people around us doing the same. About two or three minutes before the pageant was to begin people started to put down their coverings as if they expected it to stop raining--and it DID! I was amazed at the faith of these people! I was impressed with the sounds, costumes and lighting of the pageant. After the pageant it started raining and rained all the way home. The next day was another hot steamy day. My father who loved to pick blackberries decided to go out to pick berries. Another storm came up. One of two things happened--being deaf he probably didn't hear the on-coming storm or wanted to get that last bucket of berries filled. In hurrying back to our house, he had a heart attack and died. My children and myself questioned life after death. Post funeral, my sister had left pamphlets for me to read. I read them and felt the truth of them. I asked for more. She sent the missionaries and the rest is history. They answered the questions of what had been bugging me all my life. Where did I come from, why was I here, and where was I going after life! I joined the church and I have never regretted it or looked back--just forward to that time when I will meet my Savior, Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith every day by starting out with scripture study and then personal prayer. Usually after that my husband joins me for family prayer and our day is off to a good start. My life has been centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ taught to me in the Bible and in the Book of Mormon. I have had many opportunities to serve in the church being the leader of the women's organization and also at another time the leader of the children's organization. Both brought many blessings in my life and I have been greatly rewarded for the effort that I have put forth. Right now I am wrapped up in genealogy and searching out my ancestors. I am Family History Director in or small little Family History Center and loving every minute of it. I help others get started and then when we find a link to their ancestors it brings about as much great joy into my life as it does their. We are given visiting teaching assignments which are a certain number of sisters that the church would like us to visit once a month. I try to be faithful to this and listen to the sister's needs and assist them if and where I can. Just getting to know these women and share in some of their joys as well as their troubles gives much meaning to my life. Having the favor returned by having my own visiting teacher come visit me is another special opportunity given me. I try to be an example to my grown children and grandchildren because I love them and want the very best for them. It hurts me when they have problems and gives me great satisfaction when they find the solutions to their situations. It makes me proud to be their mother. I also try to be a helpmate to my husband who has not had the gospel in his life for many years. It gives me such pleasure to watch him embrace the teachings and apply them to his life. I know this has not been an easy transition to his life but he is making great progress.