What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm John

I love theatre, I love to act, I love photography, I love music and cinema, I love to help people, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am the middle child of a family of five raised by a single parent in California. I like to do a lot of things the majority of are theatre oreinted. I love singing, acting, and dancing as well as making movies with my family. In fact I even video-taped one of my cousins weddings using a digital camera. 

Why I am a Mormon

Why? Not because I am suppossed to be but because I want to be. I was raised in the church and was baptized when I was 8. I didn't really have a full assurance that the gospel was true. I knew when I was 8 because my mother and father had always told me. Since I knew my father and mother loved me I knew they would never lie to me. But as I grew up I myself began to question the church. Eventually I came to the conclusion that I must gain my own testimony. So I experimented with Moroni's promise and I felt the Holy Ghost testify to me the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

If anyone has a question about my faith I am ready to answer. Another way I do is by going about helping people. The best way you can feel the saviour's love is through service. Infact it is very fun whether it is helping someone move to another house or laying down sod for a neighbor's lawn. It makes me happy whenever I do service because it reminds me of Jesus Christ's great act of service : the Atonement. He died for me so that through my obedience I could return, how can I not serve my fellow man just like he did?

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

We believe the Bible to be the word of god as far as it is translated correctly, we also believe the Book of mormon to be the word of god. Show more Show less

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

That all depends, I myself wondered the exact same question. There are those that are impared in one way or another, physically or mentally so the do not serve a mission. The Men in the church should prepare and serve a mission. It is a wonderous experience, and brings many blessings to not only the individual but his or her family as well as the people they teach. Women are not required to serve however they can if they would like to and the service they contribute to the missionary effort is greatly appreciated. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

No, we do not. We do not worship Joseph Smith. We acknowledge that he was called of god and was his prophet called to restore the church of christ in our day. Our church "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" was organized and brought together through Joseph Smith, by the power of god. It is not Joseph Smith's church, it is Christ's Church. Show more Show less

How can I know Mormonism is true?

What we as members do is encourage all people to read the Book of Mormon, ponder the message it contains then ask God in the name of Christ if it is true, or not. I promise those who take up this challenge that you will know, and god will manifest the truth of it unto you by the power of the Holy Ghost( Holy Spirit) and by the power of the Holy Ghost all men may know the truth of all things. Do not read it like any other book, read it intently, ponder it's message, and then pray and you will know whether or not it is true. I took up the challenge myself and I felt the Holy Spirit testify to me that it was of god and you can know too. Show more Show less

What will the Mormon missionaries talk about when they visit my home?

They will begin at the beginging, and answer the three questions every human being has "Who am I?" "Where did I come from?" "Where am I going?" The will instruct, help, and guide you as well as answer any questions you may have.   Show more Show less

Are Mormons Christians?

Yes, we are. When you see our churches and our temples there is always a plaque that reads: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Christ is the foundation of our church. Most people do not understand that we are christians because we have the book of mormon. The Book of Mormon testifies alonside with the Bible of Christ. In the Book of Mormon itself there is an actual account of Christ visiting the ancient people in America and he ministered to the people there, healed the sick, and called apostles just like he did in the holy land. If you want to read of this yourself the account starts in 3Nephi chapter 11 in the book of Mormon. Read about it, ponder it and the message that it contains. I know it is true and you can to all you have to do is act, or in this case read; read with the desire to know whether or not it is true and then pray. There is a promise in Moroni 10:4-5 that if you read and pray about the Book of Mormon to know the lord will answer you. I can promise you the same because I have too and know that it is the work of god and that along with the Bible testifies that Jesus is the Christ. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

No, we help and serve our fellow man as well. In fact we also have a humanitarian organization that goes and helps people during natural disasters. Service is one of the many great things our church does. I myself enjoy it immensly. Show more Show less

Why don’t Mormons drink coffee, tea, or alcohol? What is the Mormon Church’s law of health and proper diet?

Why we don't do these things is to better take care of our bodies. The apostle Paul talked about how are bodies are sacred vessels for our spirits and in church history Joseph Smith recieved a revelation about how to take good care of our bodies. This revelation or "Word of Wisdom" as it is called gives a commandment to not take anything harmful into our bodies. Some examples of this are drugs, alcohol, tea, and coffee as well as smoking. Such things may not harm our bodies on the first go, but it becomes a vice and it becomes almost impossible to break. In the Word of Wisdom the lord or God gives a promise to those who will heed these words. That they will be "blessed, have knowledge..marrow in the bones," ...shall run and not be weary and walk and not faint." What a great promise from the lord to his children! If all the people in the world followed these laws to better care for our bodies we as a race would live longer, be more intellectual and brain power, and have much more happier lives as opposed to a broken family becuase there father is an alcoholic, or a family that has a child going through drug rehab. If anyone desires to have a happy, and successfull long life I would advise all people to follow the word of wisdom, do so and you will be blessed in ways that you cannot comprehend or imagine. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Authority governs all things. Take the following scenario You are driving down the highway and you see an ice cream truck right behind you and the driver is motioning for you to pull over. You do, he comes to your window and says that you were speeding and that he was going to give you a ticket. Would you take it? I do not think so, you will probably ask him what gives him the right or authority to give you a speeding ticket. Christ gave his apostles the authority to preach, teach, baptize, cast out devils, and administer in the church. They too were given the power to ordain and set apart others to do the same. However over time the early christian church was persecuted, the apostles were killed, and unauthorized changes were made to the church in structure, doctrine, and ordinance by man. The Church of Christ was lost, along with it's authority, and many other things. Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowderyanother important figure in the development of the Church prayed to the lord and a heavenly messenger appeared John the Baptist appeared and gave them the authority to baptize or the Aaronic Priesthood. Later on Peter, James, and John three of the original apostles would appear to them and give unto them the Melchizedek priesthood which gave them the authority to organize and build the Church of Christ in our day. In the scriptures the bible says "No man taketh this honor unto himself but he who was called of god as was Aaron." Aaron recieved his authority from Moses a prophet of god. That is how important authority is.   Show more Show less

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

The Church defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman, why the church considers this to be of great importance is because same-sex relationships are wrong and go against the covenant of marriage. This does not mean we hate gays or lesbians we still see them as children of god and our brothers and sisters but we do not condone, uphold, or support the practice of same-sex marriages and or relationships. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Yes we have had the Bible. But when the apostles were martyred there was a falling away, the docrtines were distorted, and many plain and precious things were lost from the bible. The Bible itself has been translated numerous times, and there are several different types of Bibles each one translated by the point of view of a man. Picture it like a nice picture that has been torn to shreds and noone knows or remembers how it once looked like. They try constantly trying there best until someone comes with a copy of what the picture looked like before it was torn. Now they could fix the picture or "restore" the church. Show more Show less

What are Mormon church services like? Are visitors allowed at church meetings? Can I attend church?

They are three hours long and there are three parts to the meeting. The first is Sacrament meeting where we partake of the symbolic emblems of Christ Catholics call this Communion the meeting is presided over by a Bishop and two counselors, and there are two speakers that are from the congregation that speak on a topic about the gospel. The next part is Gospel Doctrine for the adults, and there are youth classes set up by age group, there is primary which includes children ages 4-11, and for the infants under the age of 4 there is nursery where we have some of the women of the church take care of them. The last hour the Adult men and women are seperated into 2 seperate meetings where the men learn how to be better men, called Priesthood meeting, and the women of the Church go to Relief Society where they learn important things like having food storage, budgeting, and other things. Visitors are more than welcome to attend. Show more Show less

What is the difference between attending church and the temple?

We attend church every Sunday. The temple on the other hand is a more sacred building and attending the temple involves participating in sacred ordinances that cannot be performed in the chapel we hold our Sunday meetings in. Temple attendance is encouraged and all worthy, active members in the church are encouraged to attend as often as possible.  Show more Show less

What is the Law of Chastity?

 It is by far the most sacred law in regards to relationships. What it is , is that both men and women will not have sex before marriage, and that after marriage both men and women stay completly true and faithful to there married spouse. Boys and girls are taught the proper way of courtship, and dating and also being polite and hospitable to the opposite sex. Show more Show less

What is the First Vision?

The first vision is the greatest event in the Mormon Church history. It is the account of Joseph Smith, about how and when he asked the LordGod which of all the many churches in his town was correct. He wanted to know which church was Christ's church. The result of this simple and humble prayer was indeed miraculous. God the Father and his son Jesus Christ appeared to him in a grove of trees not to far from his home where he went to pray. In his own words he says "I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head which descended gradually until it fell upon me..." "When the light rested upon me I saw two personages whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me calling me by name, and said pointing to the other "This is my Beloved Son. Hear Him!" Later on in his account he says that he was told by Christ that he must join none of the churches, for they were not correct but at a later time that the fullness of the gospel would be restored. He would be the instrument by which the Lord would restore his gospel. That is the first vision. What it means to me is this Heavenly Father loves all of us, he knows each and every one of us individually by name, and he along with his son want whats best for us. I know it happened, and I know that Joseph Smith was called to be his prophet, and that a living prophet leads the church today.  Show more Show less

What is a ward/stake/branch?

 The Church is divided up into sections, by location, by city, by state, by country. A Ward is the local congregation presided over by a bishop and two counselors, a stake is an area with more than one congregation and is presided over by a Stake President, and two counselors, with Bishops and counselors in each ward, and a branch is several stakes all put together covering a certain area. A Branch has a Branch President and two counselors presiding over that area. Show more Show less

Can you tell me about Mormon customs: how you dress for church, what holidays you celebrate, etc.?

We come to Church in our best attire. For men this would be a white shirt, a tie, slacks and some dress shoes, for a women a modest dress and dress shoes. We celebrate every holiday that is in harmony with the teachings of the gospel. Show more Show less

Why do some call Mormonism a cult?

I suppose it is because some people want to know certain things that we do for example temple ordinances. We do not talk about them because they are very sacred and should not be talked about lightly in everyday conversation. So since people do not know they automatically assume that it is something bad, which leads them to either finding false information and taking that as fact since they cannot find out otherwise, or when someone does explain the ordinances they get the wrong idea. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

We believe that the Lord is a just God but that he is also a merciful God. We believe that he gives all of his children those alive on the earth at the present time and those who have passed on but have not recieved the ordinances necessary for salvation a chance to accept the gospel even though they have never ever even heard of Christ. A baptism is done in proxy of a departed one then that spirit has the ability to either accept or reject the baptism in the Spirit World. Show more Show less