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Hi I'm Cj

I am a child of God and grew up in the United States. A convert and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a simple man at heart. Small Business Owner. Barber by trade. Enjoy fishing, Rving, BBQ's with friends and family, traveling. I am husband to one of God's most precious and gwapa Filipinas.

Why I am a Mormon

I am from a large family (10 children in all) that carried the "tag" of United Methodist. As a child I do remember going to "Sunday School" a few times, so I would say that is where I gained my "awareness" of Jesus as the Lord (but didn't truly understand what that meant). I was raised on dairy farming. Joined the military at 17 and lived a wild way of life. When I reached my late 20's to early 30's I came to realize that the life I was living was NOT living at all. There had to be more! About this time I had become attracted to a woman that was a member of the United Pentecostal Church. I now can see was my "first step" in coming to know Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. After a few years of "going through the motions" I had reached a point that I felt something was still missing. I became friends with a gentleman I met at work that was different than anyone I had ever met before. His persona was very intriguing to me. He always seemed to be "happy", "glowing" if you will. I wanted to know how this was. How could anyone living in this world be so "at peace" and that nearly every day! One day as we were talking I came out and asked him, "what's with you?" He chuckled and asked me to clarify. In short, he started to tell me about the Church he was a member of, the "Mormon" Church. Well, I wanted to see for myself what this Mormon Church was all about! I attended a couple of meetings and of coarse I was given a Book of Mormon. Some of my other "friends" were not so keen and even harsh with their opinions and thoughts on the Mormon Church. But, I was not one to take someone else at their word for anything. I wanted to know for myself. In my conversations with the members of the Mormon Church they had spoken of how the Prophet Joseph Smith wanted to know of God and prayed to know of which Church he should join. Well, in my simple mind I reasoned that if he could do that so could I! So, I prayed, read, prayed and read some more. After a day and a half of reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover I too received my answer I had been looking for. I could not deny what I had read to be anything but the truth! I had found the missing pieces! I could go on and on, but to be short, I KNOW that Christ lives. I KNOW that Joseph Smith was God's Prophet for our times to restore the fullness of the Gospel with the Priesthood Authority to once again work the Lord's work to the world, giving all of mankind the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord, Savior and Redeemer enabling us to return to live once again in the presence of our Heavenly Father.

How I live my faith

After a ten year absence (which I had never denied what I knew to be truth, but rather tried to run away from that truth) I have recently returned to being active in God's Church and greatly regret I wasted those years instead of being where I should of been all along, in the service and fellowship of my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I endeavor to practice the gospel in my daily life by praying daily, reading scripture, fasting and attending Sabbath meetings each week. I pray to be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit so I may help someone along their way, in other words, be a light in His Hands, to light the path of someone still in the darkness in this world.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

This "testimony" is a wonderful blessing ANYONE can have, if they "ask of God". This "testimony" is NOT of man, it is NOT because someone told you, or convinced you, or whatever. Rather it IS an undeniable confirmation from God by the Holy Spirit. It is a "burning of the bosom" the Holy Spirit gives the humble and sincere heart and peace of mind that you KNOW with certainty that it IS true and deny it not. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Not at all. We honor him because he had a humble and sincere spirit that allowed the Lord to use him, to be the instrument in God's hand to restore His Church and the fullness of the gospel for our modern times. We worship God our Father in Heaven, and the Lord Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost. Show more Show less