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Hi I'm Jane

I'm simple. I'm happy. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I thought I wanted to be a storekeeper when I was eight. The thought of bubblegum and candy any time sounded like the best job in the world. Then I decided I wanted to be a schoolteacher so I could go to school every day for the rest of my life. Only briefly did I consider being a lawyer. The idea of arguing a point I believed in and getting paid for it sounded much easier than being one of ten children trying to get my voice heard at the dinner table. But the job I ultimately chose was that of being a wife, mom, and homemaker. My children and husband mean the world to me, and I love making a home that feels good. Most of my talents and interests lie in that field. My husband and I grow a large garden and raise chickens, and I enjoy making and baking things to make our home comfortable. I also enjoy walking, swimming, reading biographies, and eating popcorn. But the thing I like best is spending time and doing activities (hiking, biking, traveling, visiting, working) with my family.

Why I am a Mormon

Because it makes me happy. Because it brings me peace. Because it helps me to make sense of things. Because it helps me understand truth. I was raised as a Mormon, but I still had to become converted on my own to be able to continue to live its teachings. I remember when I was about fourteen years old. I wanted to know for myself if the teachings I'd been raised with were true. I began to read the scriptures on a daily basis hoping I would learn more. I was surprised how that simple little habit could give me such a lift for an entire day. Through reading the scriptures, the doors were opened and by adding prayer, I could learn for myself what was true. I came to know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and the Son of God. I quickly learned that the Lord has always spoken to prophets and continues that method of guiding us today. I learned that The Book of Mormon is scripture and that I was lucky to have its teachings while I was a teenager. I also came to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God that restored the Gospel to the earth. One day my faith was challenged. Deeply. I remember praying and asking our Father in Heaven to help me make sense of things. One day while at church, I was singing a song with a group of young women. The song talked about Joseph Smith. As I sang the lines to the song, this question came to my mind, "Jane, do you believe Joseph saw what he said he saw?" I silently answered, "Yes, I do. I know he saw what he said he saw" and the response was, "Then go back to that basic truth and hang on to it until the rest of things make sense." That quiet prompting from the Holy Ghost not only sustained me through that difficult time (and yes, things eventually made sense), but has also sustained me many times. Because I have a testimony that Jesus Christ lives and that the prophets and scriptures will lead us to Him, and that our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith and caused the Gospel to be restored in these latter days, I have something strong and sure to hang onto when things aren't perfectly clear in life.

How I live my faith

Every school day my job is to teach teenagers about the gospel of Jesus Christ. One year we study the Old Testament and Christ's dealings anciently. Another year we study the New Testament and about His earthly birth and ministry. Another year we study The Book of Mormon which is another testament of Jesus Christ and His dealings with the people of the American continent. Finally, one year we study about the Restoration of the Gospel to the earth in these days and when our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith. The thing I love most about my job is seeing how the truth of the restored Gospel applied in the lives of my students help them live happy and successful lives.

How can we increase our faith in Jesus Christ?

Our daughter had such incredible faith as a child: when her turtle wandered away and was lost she knew if we prayed it would be found, when she lost an heirloom ring she knew the Lord would help her find it. And, He always did. I wanted to be like her. I wanted that kind of faith. I wanted to know that the Lord was mindful of me and would help me to solve problems and succeed. But, up to that point in my life it seemed that my faith grew most when it was tested. I wasn't crazy about purposely asking for more challenges in life just so that my faith could grow. I was afraid that one day my faith might fail me and not carry me through the test. One day I was reading in the bible dictionary of the LDS edition of the scriptures and it said that faith can grow through obedience. I found such encouragement and hope through that statement. I knew deep down in that it was true, I had simply overlooked the simpleness of that truth thinking faith was so much more complex. I was relieved to know that faith can be strengthened by purely following the Savior. I didn't have to wait for tragedy or opposition to build my faith, I could build it every day of my life by following the Savior's example: by reading the scriptures, praying, serving my fellowman, being a good wife and mother. Then, when the trials, tragedies, successes, and joys of life came, my faith would sustain me through them. Show more Show less