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Hi I'm Marc

I grew up in the mountains of Colorado. I build websites for fun. I also play frisbee and all other sports. I am a Mormon.

About Me

My interests vary from playing sports to reading philosophy books. One of my favorite's is Immanuel Kant. I am an information systems master's student and will be interning with a major software company this summer. I love to develop technology, and have a particular interest in websites and internet technology. Besides sports, philosophy, and technology I really enjoy doing just about whatever comes to mind with my friends and family. Some of my favorite things to do with my friends is watching movies. I especially love movies that are smart and filled with interesting themes. My favorite movies series are Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, but I also am a fan of movies like Boy in the Striped Pajamas and Bridge to Teribithia. Just about anything movies is interesting to me, having made a few short films myself (nothing longer than five minutes). My friends and I like to watch these movies, and bad movies we like to watch and laugh about how awful they are.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it has helped me in many ways to deal with the challenges I have faced in my life. Being a big fan of philosophy, I have spent many hours pondering on existence and all the different aspects that life presents. I grew up a member of this church, but that does not mean that I have not questioned the validity of its truth before. Perhaps the reason I continue to be a member of this church is because I have challenged my own belief. It is because the Gospel of Jesus Christ encourages us to search for truth and meaning that I found the truth of this church. Many of my friends growing up relied too heavily on their own understanding to view their existence. What limited knowledge they had only led them to false ideas and half-baked answers to some of life's greatest questions. My search for the truth was similar, yet I decided to follow the principles outlined in the Parable of the Sower (Matt. 13: 1-23). Knowing that I must allow my fledgling seed to grow on good earth, I did not try to make any decisions until I was fully ready and capable to make decisions. I did not get my answers right away, and I was ok with that fact. When so many give up because they didn't receive answers fast enough, I let the Master prepare my soil to take in the seed of the gospel. Then, when it was time for me to receive the truth of the Gospel, it flourished within me. Since then the seed has taken root and has grown strong, just like the parable of the sower said it would. My testimony of the truth did not come through any earth-pounding, heaven-shaking revelation. It did not come with any fanfare at all. In fact, I am not sure when exactly I formed my testimony. My testimony of the gospel is that it takes work to receive truth. But that truth will always be there for you, and it will never fail to comfort you when life is hard. I know Christ lives, and I know He loves me and you. I know this because the Spirit of God told me when I was ready, just like it will you.

How I live my faith

My life in the church has been filled with service to my fellow church members, my community, and to my fellow man. The Gospel of Jesus Christ outlines clearly how we should live with others: with kindness, patience, and charity. I enjoy visiting my fellow church members to see how they are doing, to help them out with any problems they might have, or to invite them to any activity I might be doing. But my favorite thing to do is simply to sit and talk with them about whatever comes to mind. I find that this is true not only for church members, but anyone i meet. The gospel not only teaches us how to live with others, but encourages us to do so. I love getting to know people, what makes them tick, how they think, how they view the world. People are infinitely fascinating, and I enjoy every minute of finding out why. I love that the church has a structure that sends men out to watch over the families and members of the church. It gives me an excuse to visit people at least once a month that I would not otherwise normally visit. I also loved serving a mission to go and teach people about the gospel for two years. These things have translated into learning how to talk with just about anyone in any given situation. I live my faith every day whether others realize it or not. Since my faith is centered around interactions with others, it is only understandable that I would weave the teachings of the gospel into my everyday life. The gospel is a lifestyle that I love to keep. Everyone can do with a lot more kindness and patience, and it is reflected in how I treat others at work. When my boss makes a poor judgment call or blames me for something I didn't do, I have learned to forgive and then to discuss the issue through in a patient and kind manner. Learning to not be angry is the best way to make friends. Learning to be kind is the best way to influence people, and working in business is all about these two things.