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Hi I'm Mitch

I'm a Mormon. I am from AlasKa and I am currantly a Missionary in the Florida Tallahasse Mission.

About Me

You could say I was born a mormon but you are not really a mormon untell you gain testimony. I gained the spark to my testimony when I was 13. I have moved alot as my dad tried to find work to support me, my mom, and my four siblings. usualy people leave for there mission when they are ninteen I left late mainly because my mother was sick with cancer and I stayed at home to care for her untell her passing several years ago. I was diagnost with Typ One diabeties right after my tenth birthday "best birthday presant ever" said in sarcastic voice" . I enjoy reading books, comics, watching cartoons every thing from loony toons to Naruto, D&D, Fencing sword fighting, and weilding. after I am reliesed from my mission I plan on going to college although I currently have no clue what it is that I want to do for a living. although I aspire to be one of thoughs people that read the books on CD because it is fun to read things out loud.

Why I am a Mormon

Well I was born a Mormon and so I learned the gossible at a young age and I new it was true. but like my diabeties just because I new it was true and that I should do it, it did not mean I did. because it was just knowledge sitting there and I had no faith behind it. So I started down the wronge path the path of carnal security. and I was misserible. the things that are of the world look fun and seem exciting but just like drugs after the high you are left emptie looking for somthing else to fill the hole. My mother's death left me without shelter from what I already knew, making me realize finaly after several years I was emptie and sad. not that I had done anything that bad but that I had fallen so low after having so much happiness when I was at church and with my family. Fortunatly for me I already new the answer to what it was that I soght and so I took a new look at the gosple. I decided to follow the advice in alma chapter 32 and I planted a seed of faith and participated in the atonement. since then that seed has grown into a tree and I have tasted the happyness of the first fruits and I gratefully wait for the last fruits of being able live with my familie for eternity. I say this in the name of Jesus christ who has made this change possible through his atonement. Amen

How I live my faith

I am currently a missionary, thats right I am one of thoughs guys that walk around and tell people about the church of Jesus Christ of latterday saints or Mormon's. I have been to five areas which despite the heat have about the same culture that I was raised around. Nice people, good food & more craziness than one can shake a stick at meaning there is always somthing fun going on. As a missionaries I hate tracting dispise it. If you had ever had to walk house to house selling somthing for school you have a basic Idea about what happens when some one tracts. Except most people are not as polite as when your selling cookies. we also strive to find any service we can do for the comunaty or indiviuals which is hard work but even in the worst wether better than tracting. Then on a rair acasion we get to teach a lesson which is pritty fun as long as they do not want to bible bash which is when you try to prove people wrong using the bible, and aposing scriptures. This does not work because you are trying to prove a point not help a person meaning the holy ghost leaves and you are stuck with your own understanding. and no one can learn anything spiritual unless they have the holy ghost to teach them. So after all of this you may ask me what the point why does it matter? and why are you still doing it? The reasion is this. when you feel the holy ghost up lift you and the people you are teaching you are filled with the most inexspressible joy. And that is the feeling you get when people relize that this is important and it can uplift there lives. The joy only gets better the more you teach, up left them, and help them make covenants to grow closer to God. Every time I even look at the pictures of thoughs that I have helped. So far I am filled with that joy and I pray that they are still on that path of happiness. This joy is what makes everything worth it I dare say its what makes this the best work ever.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

 I dare say that there are lots of sub answers to this question the most general answer being to gain a body on earth than be worthey to return and live with our heavenly father again. but as with all thing people are diffirent so what truly matters to me may not matter as much to you. So for me the answer is to find Joy through being married into the temple with my true love for time and eternity and raise my future children so that I can keep them for eternity. althoug I am saddend to say right now I have no prospects at ether of thies. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about Jesus Christ? Do Mormons believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God?

I wish to exspress my faith in Jesus Christ, I know he is the son of God, I know that he died for me and for you, I know that he has sufferd in ways that are unimanigible to us and that he did it so that we could over come sin (spiritual death) and so we could be reserected [recive a perfected body (yay no more diabeties)] that at some time we may be able to be recived in to there waiting armes and be told by Jesus and our Heavenly Father "well done ye good and faithfull servent". The thought of being held in my Heavenly Fathers and my Saviors arms feels my soul with joy and happyness that I can not fully discribe. I know that it is only through Jesus Christ and with a diligent action and disire to be obediants to his commandments that I will be able to feel that wonderfull joy when I get to see him in person. I know this to be true because of the Bible's testimony of Jesus christ, Because of the Book of Mormon's testimony of Jesus Christ, Because of the testimony of the latterday prophets about Jesus christ, and most importantly the whitness of the Holy Ghost that I have been forgiven of sins through my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Show more Show less