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Hi I'm Bethany

I used to be a teen single mom. Now I'm a happily married with five boys. Two years ago, I became a Mormon.

About Me

Where to start.... Well I am a 29 year old mom to five busy boys from ages 11 and down. I also homeschool them (my first year). I finally became a stay at home mom about four years ago. I also am a student, in my first year of trying to get an Associates degree. Yes, my life is NOT boring! I was actually raised RLDS, or Community of Christ. I wouldn't say that my family was especially dedicated church-goers. However me and my siblings (I have two) were baptized at the age of 8 into the RLDS church. I loved the friends I made at family camps and the fellowship. While I always prayed every night, I still always felt like a piece of the puzzle was missing in my life. I became pregnant at 16 with my first son. Didn't see that coming! I was a "good" girl with good grades in school but just going through a rough patch. I'm very thankful of all the support I had around me because it enabled me to raise my son. He taught me how to grow up, really fast! I'll never regret him, ever, but yes I do regret starting so early. I had plans to go to college, and while I did start to take some college classes after I graduated (with honors!!)...it was too hard to be a working single mom AND a student. I met my husband-to-be a few years later, at age 19. We had a quick engagement! We've been married for 9 years this year. He's raised my oldest son as he were his own. I couldn't have asked or hoped for better!

Why I am a Mormon

Being raised RLDS, I'm not going to lie that there were not some negative feelings towards the LDS. As a kid I knew nothing about them, except that we as RLDS were always being confused as being "Mormon". For some reason, that wasn't a good thing. I never understood why. After I became an adult, and was married with children, I KNEW that I wanted Heavenly Father in my children's lives. Raising children without that guidance terrified me. My husband did not have much of a religious background. He tried a few different churches and I tried having him come to the RLDS church a couple times with my family. He didn't like it. We tried another church as a family for about a year, and while that church had its good points, he didn't like it either. That piece to the puzzle of our life was still missing, and we all felt it.... I prayed for the next few years, every night, for us to find a church that we could be active in and LOVE. I prayed for it, but I didn't think it could happen. I prayed mostly for my husband to accept a church that HE would love and for us to be a strong, churchgoing family. I wanted that more then anything. Heavenly Father DOES answer our prayers, although not in the ways we see coming usually! Finally one day, my husband casually tells me that he's thinking about checking out a church. I got SO excited! He asks if I have a problem with the LDS church and if we could "check it out". hmmm I was thrown for a loop! Did I have strong feelings against it? Nope. However, I had a lot of mixed feelings and confusion. I guess I just didn't know enough about it. However, none of that mattered - my husband wanted to check out a church! Apparently, he had a friend who is LDS and on a recent trip together they started talking and religion came up. My husband began asking a lot of questions, at first joking but then seriously. He was intrigued by the answers. He LIKED all the answers. They made sense. Things were clicking into place.... Okay, so he wants to check this church out, but how? He wasn't going to call the church up, and he wasn't close enough to that friend to have him invite us to church or anything. So we waited, I guess until we were brave enough to just show up to church one day and check it out. Thankfully Heavenly Father had other plans. He knew us too well! A couple months after that discussion, I heard a knock on the door. Now to preface this, our house is difficult to find. Nary a trick-or-treater here and even the pizza delivery guys often get lost finding us. Needless to say, we never get missionaries here. I was very surprised to open the door and find two LDS missionaries standing there. I think THEY were even more shocked that I said, with enthusiasm, "YES! My husband is actually really interested." Later the missionaries told me that they almost didn't come to our house because of the "No Trespassing" signs on our gates. However, one of the missionaries told the other, "do you want this to be the only house you passed up on your mission?" Oh am I glad that they took that leap and came! However, we weren't quite ready at that time they came I guess, or rather my husband wasn't. At our first appointment my husband hid in the bathroom, and I hid with him because I didn't want to lie and make up an excuse for him. The second time they came, my husband hid downstairs. I think after the fourth time, the missionaries were close to giving up on us, and I finally sternly told my husband that he was going to go out there and talk to them! So he did.... Our discussions went very well. We discussed them after the missionaries left, me making sure that my husband was still okay with what we were being told. However, I don't think I thought a lot about MY own feelings and beliefs. I just was so excited that my husband was excited about a church. We decided to be baptized about two months (?) after we started taking the discussions. I still wasn't maybe 100% sure of everything, but I was so happy to be moving forward and I was willing to learn and listen with an open heart. I continued to grow in my faith, but the most growth happened when I was being tested by others. And we had a LOT of testing! Having no one in our close family or friends that were LDS, there were a lot of questions. I spent 45 minutes on the phone one day trying to answer questions (hard for a recent convert!). I also spent hours writing emails to a friend about questions she had too. Everyone was concerned for us. I didn't understand because we had just chosen a church, isn't that a wonderful thing! I think though, now looking back that more then anything those questions were meant to work on MY testimony. To make me 100% sure. It worked. I had an "a-ha" moment one time when I was looking up scripture references for a friend. I hadn't fully read the Book of Mormon, but I came to a part, King Benjamin's speech, where I was overwhelmed with what can be best explained as heartbreak. It brought tears to my eyes. I knew that was my last piece to the puzzle. I can't even try to explain all of the things that finally clicked into place to "complete the puzzle". However finally I feel its completed and am so thankful to Heavenly Father every day for answering prayers.

How I live my faith

A year after my husband and I were baptized, we began to take the temple classes. A few months later we had the amazing opportunity to be sealed in the temple as a family. All five of our sons were there. I didn't know if that was going to be possible for awhile, because we had to obtain permission from my oldest son's biological father first. We prayed and prayed about it, and thankfully we did get that permission. I am so thankful for that. My husband may not be able to legally adopt my son in this life, however where it matters, in Heaven, we will be together as a family and my husband will be my son's father. After we went through the temple, my oldest son came up to me and thanked me. It was amazing. Now for present day, we've been members of the church for two years now. My husband serves as leading the missionary efforts in our ward. I serve as a secretary in the women's auxiliary, or Relief Society. I still am always growing in my faith with a lot more to learn. I have read half of the Book of Mormon, and am trying to finally finish it - but as you read in my "About Me" section, my life is busy. However I know that we should always put Heavenly Father first in our lives. I read the children's scripture stories on a near daily basis to my children and I try to read the Book of Mormon whenever I can.