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Hi I'm Bentley

I was born in Houston, Texas. I work as an Attorney and I'm active in Democratic politics. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been happily married to my wife for more than 13 years - I married way up. We have a wonderful little daughter who is the light of our life. Spending time with the two of them is the greatest thing I do in my life, and my favorite way to spend my free time. Throughout my life, I have felt a deep commitment and connection to several things. First and foremost, obviously, is my family. I've also felt a deep need to be active in my community, church, and politics (usually democratic politics, including working as the Communications Director for a U.S. Senate campaign in 2004). I enjoy being involved and stay busy with my activities in these and many other areas. For my day job, I currently work as an Attorney in a state trial court, and I previously worked as a Law Clerk for an appellate court. Working in the law has given me great appreciation for history, the American legal system, the United States Constitution, and the work that many public servants on both sides of the aisle perform. As I have gone forward in my career, I have also come to see the good qualities of legal systems in countries throughout the world, and how the different systems influence each other. In my free time, I like to play basketball, golf, and softball, read books, study history, talking with all different kinds of people, camping, hiking, and spending time at the beach/ocean. I very much believe in living life to the fullest and try to do so in my life.

Why I am a Mormon

've had a lifetime of experiences that leave me convinced that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is established by God, and is His church on the Earth today. Growing up, I was an active, practicing Mormon, but my family also celebrated Jewish holidays with our neighbors, and I attended an evangelical school. With that background, I naturally had lots of questions about religion, the nature of God, etc.. As I got older, I sought answers to those questions through prayer, studying the scriptures, and engaging in philosophical discussions with others. As I engaged in those activities, the answers began to come - some quickly, some slower, but they came. Particularly when I prayed and asked God about what was true, and what I should do, I received assurances that He is there, that the doctrine taught in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, that the Church was organized as directed by God, and that He wants me - and everyone - to be an active member in the Church. And as I have strived to live according to the tenets and teachings of my faith, I have felt Divine help and Divine reassurance that I am doing what is right, and what God would have me do. I still have questions, but I know those answers will come too. In my life, I have also had numerous experiences that have provided tangible evidence that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true. Among other things, I have seen lives changed, people healed of diseases, prayers answered, and miracles large and small. In short, I have had so many experiences that I could not deny that this is God's true Church on the Earth today. That knowledge helps me to meet the challenges of life, find happiness, joy, and optimism in my daily life, and find a place in a diverse community of Latter-Day Saints. That gives me strength, helps me become a better person, gives me wonderful associations with others, and makes me want to be an even better member of my community.

How I live my faith

There is no part of my life that my faith does not influence. It changes the way I treat my family, the way I view (and hopefully treat) my neighbors, friends, and people in my community. My family and I pray and study our scriptures, both together and individually, on a daily basis. And I try to incorporate those things I learn to help make me a better person. The essence of my faith is service to others, and is a huge part of the way I live my faith. As part of my responsibilities in my Church, I have presided over a group of young adults and families (ranging from 18-45 years old), where I helped make sure that the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of those families were met. In that capacity, I helped provide training on marriage and family relationships, encouraged them to become involved in their community, and helped them address problems that they were having in their lives. Along with other Church leaders, we addressed situations where families were in need of financial assistance, individuals struggled with addiction, and people had relationship struggles. I saw lives change as a result of our efforts to work with those individuals and families. In my current calling (an assignment I receive from the Lord, through local Church leaders), I help coordinate the missionary work and outreach efforts in our local area. Sometimes, that involves planning events, but my favorite part of my calling is working with individual people. Recently, we were contacted by a homeless individual. He was not seeking financial assistance, but was wanting to know more about the Church. We helped teach him the Gospel, but we also helped him get training, resources, and, ultimately, a job, that helped him get back on his feet - and into his own house. My faith also motivates me to get involved in my community. I serve on my neighborhood council, participate in neighborhood/community service projects, am active in politics, and other civic groups.