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Hi I'm Belen

I grew up in New York City as a Fire Escape Girl. I am a Mom, Wife, a Grandma, and I am Mormon!

About Me

I am a mom of seven children, I been happily married for 20 years. I love to share my time helping others when I am needed. I enjoy teaching little ones and watch their eyes bright up when they discover something new. I teach privately in my home. I also enjoy my family and watching them grow into their own persons and making their own decisions based on Gospel teachings.

Why I am a Mormon

We decided to teach our children the Gospel at home using the Bible as the only source of guidance. As time went on and we visited many houses of worship we knew we had made the right decision to teach the Gospel our way. Through the years we continued to teach them and instill in them the commandments that were written so very long ago and that we as kids grew up with. Although I had heard of the word "Mormon" and knew that it was some kind of religion I did not know anything else. It was not until I moved into a new neighborhood that I met a neighbor and he told me he was a Mormon but that he was not active in the church. I never asked why nor was I curious about his decision. Like me he had decided to check out of what he learned to be true. As I got to know him better he confided that he still believed in the church of Latter day Saints and practiced all of its principals but for some reason or another it was not for him although he was and still is a Mormon deep in his marrow. As for myself along with my family we were raised Catholic and just assumed that was It. I never questioned my faith or believed in any other church teachings other than the one I was raised in as a young girl, and although I was not an attending Catholic I still considered myself one. One very rainy day when I was visiting my non active Mormon friend, he went to pick up his daughters from school; I told him I would wait until he got back (I do not know why I did this). The door bell rang and two missionaries were at the door asking if my friend was home, I told them that he stepped out but that they were welcome to come in from the rain and wait for him. They said thank you and that they will be back at a later time. I assured them that it would be okay to come in and warned them about the rainy weather. Again they thanked me politely and refused but asked if they could sing a song. I was quite moved and wondered what these young men are thinking about when they wanted to sing me a song when it was literally raining cats and dogs outside. I have to say that when they started to sing it absolutely took me by surprise. They sang the most beautiful hymn but it not them singing, but the Spirit singing to me through them. Needless to say they left and returned later on. When they came in, they asked if they could teach a lesson. My friend quickly took out his scriptures and a book that I at the time did not know existed, The Book of Mormon. My friend was eager and was extremely well versed in the scriptures and on this 'Book of Mormon' that they used. They shared a Book so that I can follow along and I was amazed in the manner with the conviction that they taught with. The room was stilled and silent but full with something I could not put my hands on. At the end of the lesson I looked at them and asked them if they can come to my house. They made an appointment with me and that was it. As I left, my friend did not say one way or another about what had happened, we said our goodbyes and I left but he knew, I know he felt what I felt. I now had to contend with telling my husband that I made an appointment with two young Missionary Young men to come and teach us about another testament of Jesus Christ. Well I procrastinated and did not say a word about it until the day that I made the appointment. I had no other choice but to tell him who was coming over!. His response was... "I will come up to greet them but that is it, this is your thing. I have things to do in the basement." As most wives do when company come over, I cleaned and dusted. Some of the kids were doing homework, others were playing around and another was practicing the violin. The door bell rang and I welcomed the missionaries in. They came with another member of the church and we exchanged the usual pleasantries that one does when first introduced to each other. The gentleman that accompanied the missionaries asked who was playing the violin and I told him it was my 10 year old son. He asked if he could observe and I agreed. He then asked if he could play along with him since we had a piano and I said, "Sure." He obviously was a professional of some sort because he had complete command of the piano and was able to play without any music in front of him. My husband still being in the basement heard what was going on and came upstairs to find out who was playing the piano so beautifully. Again pleasantries were exchanged and I asked for all to sit and called the rest of the children down. (Naturally they ran down the steps making all the noise they could possibly make.) I told my husband that I knew he was busy and that he had to get back to what he was doing. He replied that he was finished and that he would stay. The lesson began and like many others in our situation, question upon question arose. The kids had question, I had questions, and my husband had plenty of questions. Appointments were made week after week. We attended the services and were welcomed as if we were always members. (We are still greeted with the same enthusiasm.) As we attended Sunday school, church activities and visited with other members of the church we learned more about the teachings and we knew without a doubt that we were in the right place. Our family was baptized 4 years ago. We have been blessed over and over again. Whoever is reading this please understand...questions there are many, but those who are willing to seek out the answers will find them. Do we feel guilty for leaving the teachings that we were taught when younger, not really because we know that we are doing what is right. Are our children happy? They love their church! We are always the last ones to leave and they are now 19 to 13 years of age. We are committed to our church and would not have it any other way. We bless those missionaries everyday for teaching us about the Book of Mormon!

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday. Always believing that Our Father will never abandon me. I teach the young women and I enjoy what I do. This responsibility has given me opportunity to help guide the Young Women in today's world. I help them to try their best, to live the Gospel and to keep the commandments.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Absolutely Not! We worship God and follow the example of His son Jesus Christ. We use the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help guide us through our daily lives and that is it. Show more Show less