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Hi I'm Kathleen

I'm originally from New Orleans and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in New Orleans. Our family had no religion and many of the same problems that families face today: alcoholism, child abuse, divorce, abandonment, heated arguments and bad feelings. Whenever things got really out of control I hid in my closet where no one could see me. After sitting there for a while I could feel what I called the "thing that is". It was intangible, but when it's presence was felt, it made me feel loved and comforted while it enlightened my mind and my soul. When I turned 15 years old hatred and anger filled me. I lost my connection with the "thing that is", but I didn't realize the loss until years later. Over the years I attended many churches (mainstream, contemporary and non-denominational), studied many religions and even attended groups considered to be spiritual paths to enlightenment. I could not find the "thing that is" anywhere and decided that it must be something unique to me. By the age of 42 my life was totally out of control and almost not worth living. That is -- until I found the church -- because the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints helped me to again know the "thing that is". It is called the Holy Ghost. You see, the Holy Ghost, just like our Father in Heaven and his son, Jesus Christ, cannot be where sin is and the hatred that I was feeling is a sin. So was some of the other things that I was doing. By finding the Church I also found the Holy Ghost again. I never want to lose that connection.

Why I am a Mormon

One thing that makes the Church unique to me is that it is a TEACHING church, not a PREACHING church. There is no paid minister and no preacher. Two or three church members are asked to speak on a gospel topic each week and there are different members speaking each week. They are not told what to say and can speak about anything relative to the topic. I learn so much from other members and their knowledge of the gospel teaches me new ways of living it. When you leave on Sunday the Church comes with you -- and you will want it during the week. It's not just another Sunday having to listen to the same person say the say things over and over again with a little showmanship to keep your attention. It's a living church for a living Christ. I have learned so much from the Church members. I have learned how to help others; how to live with medical problems which, in the past seemed impossible to do; how to put others before me; how to truly forgive and leave past hurts and pains behind; how to have more successful relationships with friends, acquaintenances and people I meet; and how to truly love myself and to give that love to others. To me the Church breathed life back into a walking, deal soul. It gave me the light of Christ and the Holy Ghost. It gives me love, friendship and a new way of life. I love my Church.

How I live my faith

In the Church we are given callings, which are tasks to do, in order to better ourselves and care for others. Isn't that was Jesus wants us to do? These callings allows us to bring what we learned on Sunday to others during the week. That's how the Church and the words of Christ stay with us. My calling is teaching advanced gospel principles to young people of high school age in our congregation. I enjoy teaching the high school youth. They are already dealing with the same things I dealt with, but they are dealing with them at a younger age. I use Christ's teachings to strengthen them against the world's perspective of what teen girls and boys can do. We talk about smoking, taking drugs, forgiveness, chastity, making good choices, marriages that can last, how to be great citizens and decisions about their future This year we are studying the Old Testament. It's so thought-provoking when we realize that the people in the Old Testament had the same problems and choices we have today even though they lived so long ago. Satan never changes tactics, only the people he uses them on. I pray that my students learn from the people in the Old Testament how to make righteous choices so that they, their children, their grandchildren and all of their descendants can benefit from their decisions. Of course, I am simply a guide, it's the Holy Ghost who really teaches Christ's wisdom. One of my goals is to help my students feel the influence of the Holy Ghost during class and in their lives.

Why is self-reliance important to Mormons? Why do Mormons talk about emergency preparedness?

Having grown up in New Orleans I can tell you how important it is to be prepared. We have all heard about hurricane Katrina and the devistation. Imagine having no food or clean water to drink for a week in 90+ degree heat. Every year we New Orleanians were told to be prepared. The newspapers and television stations taught us everything we needed to know in order to be prepared. They also told us that the Federal and State governments weren't here to take care of us -- that we needed to be ready to take care of ourselves -- for at least a week. Some families had food, water and fresh clothes stored in waterproof bags in case of emergency. They carried the clothes, food and water bottles up into the attic and then onto the roof after the flooding. Their families were fed, drank water and felt comfortable by changing into clean clothes after washing themselves from the water bottles. You can be prepared, too. Becoming prepared and self-reliant gives you a feeling of comfort and takes away the fear that comes from awaiting pending disasters. I know that I am prepared and will be able to help others in case of disaster. It's a great feeling. Show more Show less