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Hi I'm Jackson

I'm a Mormon and I love science. I graduated in Physics and Mathematics, and I see the world through those eyes.

About Me

I grew up in a Presbyterian household in the United States and became a "Mormon" while I was attending college in 1958. I was very interested in religion and philosophy and took classes in those subjects plus one in logic because I wanted to be sure I was thinking clearly. I started my college training by majoring in Electrical Engineering, but after a couple classes in EE decided I really wanted to go more basic, more fundamental, so I changed to Physics and Mathematics eventually graduating with honors in those subjects. After I had been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ for little over a year, I decided I really wanted to tell other people about what I had found and served a mission to Sweden. My wife was looking for a missionary "pen pal" and wrote me a letter. She was a "convert" too. We fell in love in the mail and when I returned home we married and went to college together. My wife had a "full ride" scholarship to the school of her choice but after a year of university she decided she wanted to be a full time mom, so she didn't get her degree until 15 years later. We are both retired now and are living in a little house close to the North Pacific. We have a bunch of wonderful grandchildren and a "jillion" wonderful memories of raising them in the amazing atmosphere of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let me tell you how that happened.

Why I am a Mormon

One of my uncles joined "the Church" as we say the day before he married a "Mormon" girl in 1932. She wouldn't marry outside her religion. That was not a problem because he had been studying and praying for some time. They were active in the Church all their lives and raised their five children to be so too. My dad spent a lot of time listening to and studying the scriptures with this uncle, his little brother. My mom, however, was afraid and never joined the Church. My dad, convinced that the message of the restoration of Christ's original church was true, felt he should set the example and after waiting for my mom for many years, he finally decided to be baptized. I was soon off to college and taking the classes in engineering, physics, mathematics, religion, philosophy and logic. I was curious about the church my father had joined and by this time my older brother had joined and was serving a mission in Canada. He was only three years older than I and I knew him to be an intelligent boy yet he had done this strange thing. Meanwhile, the LDS Institute Director, looked me up and invited my to go to a meeting where LDS college students would be gathering. Out of curiosity, I went. I was surprised and delighted at the answers to gospel questions that I raised in that first meeting. I kept going back and learning more - it seemed that every time I went I learned something new that made perfect sense. The one idea that stands out most in my mind after the half century that has passed since, is that the most basic quest of life is the search for truth and to put one's life in harmony with it. I could relate to a religion that put truth above itself. You see, I had accepted Christ as my personal Savior at a Presbyterian youth camp years before. It was an emotional but honest experience and I had wondered at it many times since. Now, this subservience to truth made a bridge for me and I was settled in all my mind and heart.

How I live my faith

I have been actively engaged in my religion since before I was baptized and I hope I will never stop. I did not do as well in my profession (I have worked as a software engineer/systems analyst for 35 years.) as I might have done had I been less idealistic. I just could never understand why a group of people working on a project could not each do the best they knew how and not worry about who was going to get the most credit, or seem the smartest, or leverage their career. There always seemed to be these hidden agendas. However, in the church, I find no such impediments to progress. Here we are all unpaid (that helps a lot!) and are united in our desire to just help one another and those around us. I like to help both physically (load the moving van) and spiritually (share a story of how I was able to make it through my challenges or how faith helped me to solve some problem). I love the perspective the Gospel gives me on life and all its ramifications. Once, while I was still in college, the guys in my dorm became so upset with me that they hung me by my feet out of the upstairs window. That was because I always had a good reason to explain to them why they should live virtuous lives in spite of all the "new morality" rationalizations that were so popular on campus. The restored Gospel was so simple and powerful I found I could use it as a logical bludgeon. I was probably having too much fun beating them up with it. If I am careful to pray sincerely (not just play my favorite prayer-speech), to read some scriptures everyday, to do my best to be honest, loving, kind, and all those Christian virtues, then I keep a good perspective on life and I find that it is wonderful, rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling. I have never seen a tunnel without a light at the end of it, or a failure from which I could not at least learn a good lesson. Such are the results of following the positive teachings of the Savior.

What is the Book of Mormon?

As a lover of science, I see the Book of Mormon as the most compelling scientific proof of the existence of God and of his divine Son, Jesus Christ. The proof goes like this The book was published in 1830. It claimed to be a translation of an ancient record. In spite of the fact that many things in the book were "known to be erroneous" in 1830, during the ensuing 180 years, the book has proven to be correct. Thus it, like any scientific theory, has been tested in many ways and the results it "predicted" have proven correct. Because this book sort of comes out of nowhere it was translated from ancient records by the gift and power of God it has to be either what it says it is or a gross fraud. One hundred eighty years have shown it to be what it says it is. Furthermore, it outlines scientific experiments and exhorts all people to try them. These experiments are described in detail in Alma 32 and in Moroni 10. There is no "magic" in the restored Gospel. Things are literally what they are described to be there is a God, there is a Jesus Christ, there is the Priesthood and it describes and contains the power of God to administer blessings to God's children on this earth. I have tried the experiments and they have worked exactly as described. I have felt my mind illuminated, my heart changed and my character enhanced by the healing and nurturing influence of the Spirit. I know as well as I know anything in this world, that the Restored Gospel is true. It just always works! Show more Show less