Beci: Mormon.

Hi I'm Beci

About Me

I was raised right in the bubble of Utah Valley. Second oldest of six children, though two have passed away. I love the outdoors, traveling, dancing, and meeting new people. I lived in New York and Connecticut for a few years working as a nanny for some wonderful families, and I also lived in Georgia serving as a full-time missionary. I am married to my best friend and adore the beautiful little boy we created.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a Mormon home, but didn't always follow the teachings. It wasn't until I was living in New York and my life was shaken up that I decided it was time to figure out what I really believe- not just because of how I was raised. Trials dropped me to my knees, and I turned to God for answers. I came to know, for myself, the truths that I had been taught.

How I live my faith

I listen to and act on promptings and impressions that I feel, trusting that when it is good or brings me closer to God it is what He wants me to do. I strive to find opportunities to serve and lift others, treating others with the love and patience and kindness that the Savior exemplified. I aim to continually progress in knowledge and build my relationship with our Heavenly Father, coming closer to Him as I follow His teachings and live my life in a way that is pleasing to Him.