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Hi I'm Kelsea Lynn

I'm a musician, an eater, a listener and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Creativity, in general, is my hobby. Whether its music, writing, or fashion, I enjoy being able to express myself and see the feelings and ideas that I have inside take shape for the world to see. I absolutely LOVE music. If I had an entire day to myself I would probably plop myself down on my piano bench and plunk away until what was in my heart was manifest in the keys before me. I think that is what fascinates me so much about music, that there really is no limit! There will always be a song unwritten... just waiting to be heard and felt. The feeling I get when I have finally created something beautiful and unique is incomparable. I can eat. Really. I can eat and eat the whole day through. I have a weakness for chocolate and breakfast foods. Not together though :) I Love playing soccer with all my heart and like to be active. I plan on being a marriage and family therapist and hope to help families heal and grow together. I am fascinated by psychology and the way that our minds work. Everyone who knows me says its only a matter of time before I somehow have them telling me their lifes story. My desire is always to simply listen and help someone to feel that there is hope and direction in life!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because of prayer. Through simply speaking with my Father in Heaven I have received answers from Him that have spoken to my heart and told me, in an undeniable way, that this IS the one true path in following Jesus Christ. Prayer has brought me a confirmation through the power of the Holy Ghost that this is THE Church of Jesus Christ. I know that throughout time God has revealed the gospel of Jesus Christ to his children through prophets, that Christ himself established His gospel and performed the Atonement which paved the way so that I might be cleansed from sin and be delivered from all of my trials and troubles, and I know that God restored this same gospel to the earth in these modern days through the prophet Joseph Smith so that I might be able to receive these blessings. As I have lived the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is, having and exercising my Faith in Christ, repenting and making changes to follow Him, being baptized by priesthood authority, receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost and doing my best to follow its promptings, and enduring in faith till the end, by doing these things I have found the greatest, most pure, and indescribable joy! There is NO WHERE else that this joy and light can be found except through following Christ by living His gospel as it has been restored today. I know, without a single doubt, that the Book of Mormon is true, which means, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, WHICH means that this is the way that I can be cleansed from sin and return to live with my Father in Heaven and my family, in joy, for eternity. These, and many other truths, have been made known to me through prayer and the feelings of the Spirit time, after time, after time. So that I can say today, that Jesus Christ is MY Savior, and that this is His church.

How I live my faith

I live my faith with every breath I take! I am currently serving as a Missionary in San Diego California. Nothing makes me happier than being able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. I have always loved to help others and there is no greater gift than the gospel. It is remarkable to see the change in others as they begin to understand a live God's plan by following Christ. I think it is incredible how, as a missionary, I can literally see the light in someone's eyes grow and shine as they come to know their Savior. My mission is very dear to my heart, I live my faith each day by striving with all my heart to do what Christ would do, to say what He would say, and to love as He loves!