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Hi I'm Josh

I grew up in Virginia. I LOVE life. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am an avid sports fan. I love a good game just like the best of them. I am deeply in love with wife and can't wait to spend the rest of eternity with her. Right now I am finishing up a rigorous semester. Trying to manage time between school family and friends is always a fun battle. I am adventurous. I've hiked 72 miles in the appalachian mountains and next month I'm moving to China for a year! I love spending time with friends and meeting new people.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because it makes me a better person. Not only that but I know it is a true church. I know that because I know God provided a path to navigate this life. It's the same path we all must take. Unlike the saying "all roads lead to Rome" only one road leads to living with God. I know The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (The Mormons) is that Road. There are many philosophies and churches out there, but I know God has only given us one. Many have parts of it or a watered down version, but the Path to eternal life with our God is through the full complete restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because in the year 1820 a boy asked a question, and the results of the question have blessed the entire world. The Gospel with all of the doctrine and principles necessary for salvation is here. You can know for yourself and experience God in your life! Read The Book of Mormon and ask God if this is all true and I promise, if you ask Him with a sincere heart and using real intent YOU will receive an answer. I am a Mormon because God answered MY prayer.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying my best to be like Jesus. I wake up pray and go about my day trying to be my best self. I fall short in my imperfections but thats what life all about, daily progression. I try to just live what I learn. Thats the bottom line. I go to church weekly and strive to read the Scriptures daily. That combined with Prayer and wholesome family activities has helped me be who I am today

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Yeah! I know our Father in Heaven loves us all so much! He wants the best for us. That is why He sent us to this beautiful earth to live as families learning and growing. God knew that we would need help and guidance, so He provided prophets to teach us the best and only way to live clean happy lives. He has always done this. Since Adam all the way down to Jesus himself. I know that God is a never changing being just like His Holy Scriptures teach us. He is no respecter of persons, meaning He doesn't love anyone else more or less. We are all His Children. So like a loving parent would, He sent us help again. Today we have a living breathing prophet just like Moses and Noah. He is here to teach us the will of God. Even though we have major advancements in knowledge and technology we still face the same struggles as did our ancient ancestors. If anything these advancements give us more opportunities to sin which would make us more in a need for a prophet than they did in the past. I know modern day prophets do exist, I have prayed and asked Heavenly Father this very question. YOU CAN TOO!! try it. get on your knees and ask a humble prayer. Show more Show less