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Hi I'm Anthony

I'm from Pleasant Hill CA and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Just got married this summer! I got married in the Salt Lake Temple to the love of my life. Including school, I've been to TX, CO, AZ, CA, ID and NY in the last 3 months... Yikes, I can't wait for the holidays. I'm In Advertising @ my University. Should be graduated but I tend to keep pushing my grad date back... I love wakeboardin', snowboardin', I wish it weren't so expensive boarding, basketball, anykind of good art, the Beatles, Yellowcard, Starting Line, Story of the Year. You can find me @ the gym, running seasonally and football and soccer. This winter semester I'm going to live out my dream playin a bit of Ice Hockey!   

Why I am a Mormon

I guess the real question is why do I choose to try and live the gospel? I've always known it was right. In other words, that this is the pure and simple gospel of the Savior Jesus Christ taught. I've found in life, I guess in my journey of faith, there remains constant a wave of opposition which provides ample opportunity to question, ponder, reflect and seek to find the answers. In the seeking I've found that, if wrought with sincere diligence, answers come. I know this gospel is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Growing up, as friends and acquaintances question and even challenge my faith in conversation I've had to study to gain what I believe. No one forces you to live a certain way. Agency is important. If I am to live any certain way it better be because I believe firmly in that thing. I have received my witness countless times of the validity of whatever I was searching for as I study, and ask my Father in Heaven. The doctrines of the gospel have enriched my understanding of my purpose and the role of the Savior in my life. Its hard to agree with that any one religion in our day could have the original authority & gospel Christ established after his ordained apostles where killed off. He gave them all his authority to teach and preach the gospel, to baptize and establish the church and direct it through revelation. Again, Tthe Saviors church was continually directed by revelation. When they were all killed, so died the authority to maintain his church. It wasn’t till hundreds of years later after their deaths until any early copies of the bible were compiled. It wasn’t till over a thousand years later were there versions of the bible being copied. Even with compilations of the bible the only way to hear their words was in church. They were not personal copies. As we see all the bloodshed, conquest and horrors religion brought the world in the dark ages, it’s impossible to agree that Christ’s original church was the driving force behind it. Man stepped in, and soon the currupt leaders saw religion as a platform of power, influence. The pure and simple truths were lost. Sins could be forgiven by one's wallet and wars over the greed for land and power became "holy." Many great men fought against the corrupt leaders and broke off to form their own faiths and to fight for the right to even own their own copies of the bible. So how could there be a church, or an original organization to claim the true authority and teachings of the Savior? There simply was a falling away. One thing I love about this church is that it’s story is found in the bible. Amos tells of a time of drought, a time of apostasy or a ‘falling away.’ The new testament is full of references to a “final restitution of all things.” Namely a restoration. How could there be a restoration unless there was a falling away first? In Ezekial, chapter 37, it explains how the kingdom of Judah will have scriptures they write and the birth-line of Joseph would have scripture that they'd write. Ezekial explains that in the latter-days they will come together and be one in the lords hand. When you find out what happens in the book of mormon you find that a group crossed the sea to the ancient Americas, namely Lehi and his family. They were of the tribe of Joseph and their line of scripture is known as the Book of Mormon. The Bible and Book of Mormon are a testament that Christ lives and finishes his stories, the 2 compilations of scripture in every way a complimentary in doctrine and teaching. The fact that Christ spoke with prophets and established his gospel to a tribe of Isreal in the Americas is amazing. We finally find out who Christ reffers to when He said to the Jews ” Other sheep I have which are not of this fold.” God’s children also were on the american continent and they heard his voice too, just like he said. What a blessing it is to have a knowledge that Christ did restore all things, that he’s called 12 apostles in our day, that we have new scripture, even that which is said from our Prophet today, and another testament, the Book of Mormon, of Christ’s revelation to the ancients in America. What an exciting time to live in. I know that it is true and I know that it brings a wonderful spirit into my life when I am fully invested in its words. I know that Joseph Smith could not have written a book in 80 some days that in every possible way make a perfect doctrinally sound account that’s enlightening, historically, contextually, and spiritually moving. I know Christ lives and that today he continues to lead his church through a prophet and 12 apostles through revelation, that he continues to reveal his word. I know the bible to be true and that it testifies of the validity of our doctrine, even to the validity of the Book of Mormon. I’m so grateful for the direction and the closeness I feel to the savior as I read their words. I'm grateful the Lord has not abandoned us in these last days, that he has brought back the pue and simple truths such as eteranal families and that temples once again dot the earth, that there are apostles again at the head and that we have the chance to be apart of the preparation for the Lord's second coming under the direction of his order.

How I live my faith

The best experience of my life, (outside of being married in the SL temple) was going on my mission. I served in Orlando Fl. There are 5 missions in FL that encompass the state. I was called spanish speaking. Wow, i hated spanish in H.S. and I totally love can't get enough of it now. I was able to serve in Palm Bay, Melbourne, Hunter's Creek (S. Orlando) Kissimmee, and Apopka. I loved my mission, and miss the countless numbers of families and individuals that I was able to serve. Everyday from 6:30 am to 10:30 pm except our preparation days I was able dedicate myself to the mission. Well I have a calling (assignment) in our Young Married Ward (congregation). My wife and I teach on sundays at church. We teach every other week. We usually give a talk once or twice a year. No one is paid. The Bishop makes assignments as to who will speak. Accepting to speak is optional. At least once a month we participate in "Hometeaching" and "Visiting Teaching." Guys do Hometeaching-you and another guy have 2-3 families that you go check up on, share a lesson, and overtime become friends. For the girls its "Visiting Teaching." They go in pairs to 2-3 individual women and do the same.

What do Mormons believe about family?

The family is eternal. If we live according to the Lord's Plan, our families can be reunited in heaven. We do not believe in "till death do you part." As the apostles had power to "seal on earth what is in heaven" we believe that through the Authority of God, (his priesthood) we can be sealed in Temples as eternal families. I've never felt closer to God than when I've been in the Temple, dressed in white, with my family. Show more Show less

What is the difference between attending church and the temple?

Just as in ancient times the there would be the synagogue and the temple... When the church was restored so were temples. Temple is more of a secondary education. Its the college/university learning. You must live according to the commandments and prepare to enter. Just like preparing to be baptized, one prepares to enter the temple. You don't have to be perfect, I'm way far from, but you need to be striving to live the gospel. Show more Show less

What blessings can you receive from reading the Book of Mormon, the Bible, and other scriptures?

If God speaks to one nation, would it be impossible for him to speak to his children in another? It's my testimony that he can speak to us all. Are we not all Gods children? Who are we to judge to whom He can speak. The Book of Mormon is the account of descendants of the tribe of Israel that landed in the lower half of Mezo-America. They also received revelation from God. How enriching is the witness of Christ from another continent. The blessing of having another witness is clarity of doctrine. So much of Christianity for more than thousands of years contend over simple doctrines such as baptism, authority, etc. because one witness, although it is true, may not give the fullness of its message. Think of a road sign with an arrow. If you have one nail in it you can spin the sign in any direction. Its not very sound. It will always be a real sign but if it had 2 nails in it you shouldn't be able to spin it in any direction or interpretation. The bible has been interpreted in so many different ways there are literally hundreds of churches with contending doctrine. The Lord says “out of the mouth of 2-3 witnesses will I establish my word.” The book of mormon is a second witness of the Savior, that he lives. That he visited the jews and that he visited the americas. In a trial 2 witnesses establish each other. If God spoke to prophets in Jerusalem he could also speak to prophets other parts of the land, even paul when he was in Rome, or Nephi when He was in the lower Ancient America’s. More witnesses’ of Christ from his prophets allow for more clarity and depth in doctrine. Life Analogy: I do a lot of motion tracking. In order to create 3d or 2d graphics that interact with a movie as if they were shot there you need to track a certain point on the screen. To track the position of that spot on the screen you just need one point tracked. This however doesn’t work if there is any tilt, rotation, zoom or scaling of the point. In order to substantialize a shot you need at least 2 points on the shot tracked. if it rotates the two points will rotate and what you place in the shot will likewise rotate and scale to the movie remaining constant as if it were in the shot. If you want to account for 3d movements you simple have a 3 points. This establishes surfaces and allows you to create perfectly tracked shots and place any element on a 3D surface. When you have scriptures from two witnesses you can have a clearer picture of Christ's message Show more Show less

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

Principles. There are natural Laws. You find out about them in life the hard way or the easy way. If you plant early, work hard to cultivate the soil and living conditions for your garden, (weather permitting) you will reap your reward. If you study early you will nail your grades. There are all sorts of Natural Laws that denote there is a God. I've found that as I study more about God the more I realize, that in every way, His gospel encompasses all natural principles. “All things denote there is a God.” If it is a study of light, of water, of crops, of Health, of Diligence, of preparation, of any subject. The great creator of all who designed and mapped out our existence, has also mapped out and designed the perfect plan for our happiness and development. The laws of the gospel fully connects all natural laws of this world in every way imaginable. His light and understanding fill me as I keep in line with these laws and commandments. I can attest there is a God above. I have experimented upon his words, acted upon them, and have seen the direct results in the form of spiritual and temporal blessings. There is a perfect consistency in my life of acting in faith to keep a commandment and receiving a noticeable blessing soon after. I know that the Savior lives because I know his atonement is real. The ability to feel forgiven, clean, and in line with Heavenly Father gives me more “accomplishemnt” than any other sensation. God Lives, He lives because his influence is ever present when I strive to seek him. I know my specific prayers have been answered in specific ways by Him to whom I pray to. Show more Show less